Janelle Monae


A few more listens and it’s really good. Americans is truly, truly terrible and should never have been recorded, but I really like the rest of it. Not a patch on the first two albums but it’s a damn high bar.

@lastdino is wrong, Screwed is a certified banger


Always sort of thought of her as rnb for 6music fans without listening much but really liking this. Looking forward to digging deeper into the rest of her stuff based on the comments itt


Seriously, you owe it to yourself to check out The ArchAndroid at the very least. The sheer breadth of style, the outright audacity to be a fully fledged force of musical nature on her debut is mindblowing.


I really like the concepts, the production and the breadth of musical talent and influences on all of Janelle Monae’s albums - just a little disappointed that there isn’t one great tune on any of them. This album is the same as the last two for me - perfectly listenable but nothing to go back for.


I sent a link to this to my thirteen year old and she was unimpressed at dinner time. “God Dad, it’s like POP MUSIC or something”. Multiple eye rolls and she’s gone back to listening to Arachnoid. No pleasing some people.


Yessss! My thoughts on her first album entirely. Never really dug her till that Yoga tune a couple of years ago.

I guess i’m the opposite of most people on here but I love that she’s gone totally proper R&B/pop.


Some of this sounds like Taylor Swift. The rest that doesn’t is good


Not feeling anything from this, Take A Byte is awful.


No idea what the naysayers are on about here, it runs out of steam a bit in the final third perhaps but I’m really enjoying this.


I think most peoples problem with this album is that the 1st 2 tracks released are track of the year contenders and some of the rest of it doesn’t hold up to those tracks.


Pretty much the only song I enjoy on this album

Really wanted to rate it as she’s clearly so talented but…idk


I reckon it’s fine, but so obviously could have been more than fine and just doesn’t take enough chances.


The line ‘let our souls be brave’ in Americans… doesn’t quite work for Brits.

Much like this:




Sounds like arseholes innit


oh right


This song makes me think about this film every listen!


Joining the ranks of those who think this record is an absolute smasher. I like all the bits of it other people seem to dislike (for example I think Screwed is a mega-jam). Maybe it’s just perfectly in line with my tastes sonically, but I like it waaay more than the previous records. I’m also a massive Prince fan, so anything that sounds like Prince is a win. I just think it’s really powerful. It’s big and open, and easy to get into, but it’s also really rewarding of repeat listens.


Have just put this on now, really enjoying so far


Been rinsing this the last few days, it’s a banger