Janelle Monae


I’ve been walking around in the sun all day listening to it, totally brilliant.



it has some moments, but it doesn’t really have enough meat for me, nor any outstandingly catchy tunes (Make Me Feel and Screwed are okay); I don’t think anything even as ear-wormy as “Yoga” let along anything like “Many Moons” for example.

And I don’t foresee spending nearly $400 for myself and the wife to see her live in July.


Never fully got into Janelle before but I really like this, great timing for summer. The sequencing is a bit weird, feels like it doesn’t properly hit its stride until track 4 or 5, but from Django Jane onwards it’s pretty much all bangers. Pynk and I Like That are probably my early favourites.


Still really loving this album. Only slightly disappointed because the singles are obviously the best songs. I don’t know why artists feel the need to release so many before the album these days, much better to hold a few bangers back to suprise people with the album.


Yeah Crazy Classic Life and Take a Byte are the two weak ones for me. Choruses feel a bit forced or too simple or something. Kind of growing on me though.