January 2019 Film DiScussion Thread


worst tv show of 2018


MMM what time? Probably wouldn’t make it


good question


Bit short notice but I’m going to see it (again) at the Odeon in Covent Garden tomorrow at 9


I managed to forget the ending, now I’ve remembered and I’m furious all over again

I’d like to see sorry to bother you though!


aw I’ve got a Jeremy Corbyn fanclub meeting tomorrow




Game Night is very silly but good fun. That Billy Magnussen lad is great.


Sharon Horgan <3

Catastrophe is back tomorrow <3


it’s on at 20:40 at Curzon Aldgate (£12) on Thursday

(this is extremely convenient for me but maybe not for others)


*Jesse Plemons


One Cut for the Dead



Just dont like meta stuff


Did anyone enjoy Bird Box?

  • Bird Box Office
  • Bird Sux

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It’s the best sort of stuff


cinema on Thursday

  • yes
  • no thank you

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Did anyone see that Lady Gaga thing where she said the same thing in every single interview: “in a room with a hundred people in, 99 of them may not believe in you, but all it takes is for one person to believe in you, and that person was Bradley Cooper” whilst Bradley looks meaningfully into her eyes as though it’s the first time he’s heard her say it.


@dingaling turns out @eltham ls not free on Thursday

Can anyone do Sunday?


I watched Mandy last night

Nuts. But enjoyably so.

Is there a name for that kind of ridiculously over the top Horror? Apostle has a similar vibe. I should probably be asking in the Horror thread shouldn’t I


Sorry to bother you - well, that took a turn.