January 2019 Film DiScussion Thread


ant man & the wasp - this was SO MUCH FUN. I think I just like things being shrunken and embiggened


Read Ms Marvel!


Just seen Timothée Chalamet referred to as Timotei Babycham and I had to leave the office.




Yeah, it did feel like they found a part for Meryl Streep because she was walking past the studio that day. To be fair, that character is in the books, but it was a bit shoe-horned in.

I thought the film was ok, but I definitely need to see it again. I reckon it might be my ‘Last Jedi’ - All the bits were there, but it didn’t feel like Mary Poppins to me (by which I mean the film, not Emily Blunt, who I could quite happily watch scalding children all day). The bawdy music hall number particularly didn’t sit well. Also, she got the kids into trouble all the time, which was stupid.

I might have thought about this film a bit too much.


Burning kids? Harsh!


Just remembered that two people at my Mary Poppins screening walked out after about 40 minutes. What were they expecting?!


mary pop-ins


mary coppins (she’s a cop)


A better film!!! Haahaha


Mary’s Droppings


There’s Something About Mary Poppins


Mary Queen of Spots


sherry Bobbins…?



pretty decent list actually


black panther’s no a sci fi film though


apart from all the invisible rocket ships and special lazers?


I agree with you really - why am I being a pedantic dick instead of putting my eggs on for lunch?



Still dont understand how Bohemian Rhapsody won anything