January 2019 Film DiScussion Thread


Saw The Favourite on Sunday using Mubi Go, really enjoyed it, felt much organic than Killing Of A Sacred Deer and genuinely funny at several points.


Director’s Guild Association nominees:

Bradley Cooper (A Star is Born)
Spike Lee (BlacKkKlansman)
Alfonso Cuaron (Roma)
Peter Farrelly (Green Book)
Adam McKay (Vice)

DGA nominees for Best First Film:

Bradley Cooper (A Star is Born)
Bo Burnham (First Grade)
Carlos Lopez Estrada (Blindspotting)
Matthew Heineman (A Private Life)
Boots Riley (Sorry to Bother You)

I imagine Cuaron will be bagging another Oscar, which would be well deserved


thought spideyverse was pretty perfect


Have read nothing but praise for this, is there anything in it for non-superhero film fans?


i’m not especially into superhero stuff so i’d say so. it’s really beautifully made & funny


Thank you Shrewbie x


Just watched Bird Box. Far better than A Quiet Place.


haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalf innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn the baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag


Glad to see a lot of love for Cold War. Beale Street a little overlooked in my opinion however. I haven’t seen Margot Robbie in Mary Queen of Scots but I’ll eat my hat if that performance comes anywhere near Regina King


The plan is to see Sorry to bother you at peckhamplex on Sunday at 1pm then have a veggie roast. Cinema ticket is a fiver, veggie roast costs whatever

If you’re in please let me know by Friday at 9am and I’ll buy the tickets together. Also whether you want to eat with us afterwards.

Can’t remember who else wanted to see this



no, it’s about spider man. you won’t like it.


This is a fairly compelling point tbf


I’ve already seen STBY so won’t come for that, but may well fancy the veggie roast - keep me in the loop?

Very up for future LME film clubs, 'specially if they’re SE.


I’m away this weekend but it’s a pretty great film, enjoy!


“you’ll laugh yourself hoarse!!” ★★★★⚝

i could totally write movie poster quotes


Respectfully disagree with this.

Wondering what the next sense horror will be though.

“The monsters, they know when you’ve eaten something sour. We must only eat sweet.”

“But daddy I’m allergic to everything but lemons!”

Dad slowly turns to camera


started a Letterboxd account to track what I watch this year. 8 films in 8 days so far, not a bad start.


I’m on 7. This year will be mega if this pace keeps up. Find I only watch a handful a month during summer though.


I went to see Bumblebee last night. I haven’t watched any of those other Transformers films directed by Jordan B Peterson but I kinda know what the vibe is there and I’m not about that. Bumblebee though, aw it was good, let me tell you.

One of my all time favourite film genres is when there’s a good hearted robot who just wants to help out and have a best friend in the face of enormous unfathomable badness. So like Star Wars, Wall-E, the Iron Giant, that kind of game. Bumblebee is that film. It was very sweet, and I just wanted to cry and hug the characters all the way through it.

Bumblebee reminded me a lot of my cat, and his buddy is played by ya girl Hailee Steinfeld, so you know it’s good.

It’s set in the 80s, and usually I roll my eyes at that, like they just make a film which is your normal bad film but they just make everything look really naff 80s pastiche and just blast Duran Duran the entire way through. This is not like that. There is kind of a lot of played in it, but they play other stuff as well so it balances out, and also it does justify the constant use of well known songs within the story and not in a rubbish way so I allow it. And it’s definitely the 80s, but it’s not like constantly beating you around the head with like IT’S THE FUCKIN 80S BRO!

Very cleverly, I thought, it has the feel of the sort of late 80s/early 90s film of this sort that you used to watch when you were a kid. By that I mean it’s a little bit cringey and naff, and I presume they did this on purpose because it has this vibe that modern films just don’t have. Everything now is so like polished and corporate and twatty and done to please shitlords who make YouTubes about plot holes and crap like that, but this just has stuff in it that is just there and it’s watchable and daft and doesn’t have any forced payoff at the end of the film. Also it just feels really small scale, almost like they didn’t have loads of money, which must be a conscious decision because obviously these films have more money that god thrown at them. The characters live in the middle of fucking nowhere where there’s about 3 houses, the “army” in the film only has about 6 Jeeps and a warehouse at their disposal and you see the scenes of the Jeeps rushing somewhere it’s obviously them driving at normal speed and fast forwarded. Very charming touch. The fight scenes just take place in abandoned industrial land, instead of huge cities with loads getting smashed and people running about the spot screaming their heads off.

I’m a bit embarrassed about this but I went absolutely mad for whenever one of the Transformers did a transform, it just looks so satisfying. I can’t believe I’ve been missing that all these years, must be why those facist films made loads of money.

Thank you for reading my very long thesis on Bumblebee. It is 100% a film for children and it’s not even that great, but it made me feel unexpectedly happy and joyful. I might go to watch it again, I truly think it’s pure of heart and innocent enough to heal society in these fractured times.


As someone who grew up reading the Marvel transformers comics, has read all the recent ones, and generally has a lot of affection for the franchise, I’m super happy something like this film finally exists.