January 2019 Film DiScussion Thread


I’m in Dublin this weekend but iirc peckhamplex isn’t reserved seating anyway


No reserved seating is anarchy




mate have you been to Peckhamplex before?


Nah but it sounds hellish


world’s stickiest floor


I love the place, probably one of my favourite cinemas ever, but it is utter carnage (which is kinda why I love it)


i think i said this the other night at the DiS cinema meet but it’s great for shit/fun films, wouldn’t wanna go there to see The Favourite or something, there is constant chat/dicking about through basically every single screening there


I went to see IT on opening night - I thought “Oh people are being very noisy” during the trailers - boy oh boy was I not prepared.


sometimes you get lucky and go to a dead screening, which is great. also they used to never put adverts on. but the final straw for me was going to see the lego movie there and it was obviously full of kids and i basically couldn’t concentrate.

also it isn’t sloped at all so if it’s busy you’re often looking at someone’s head rather than the screen.


See also: wood green Cineworld. Jesus fucking Christ.


What’s worse

  • Annoying kids talking and chucking shit around
  • Middle class people chuckling at the wrong bits

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This is why I go to the Cineworld in Wandsworth*. It’s just full of dead eyed late 30s professionals like me. They don’t talk or use their phones or anything. Bliss.

*it isn’t, it’s cos I can get there on one bus. But it’s a bonus.


Having West India Quay back as our closest Cineworld has been the best element of moving thus far


Hotel Artemis Can’t take Charlie Day as a threatening/mean character even remotely seriously. Bit crash bang wallop and pointless this. Always nice to see Jeff though


Gotta get more creative with my letterboxd reviews




sorry to bother you - thought it was absolutely magic up until all the horse people stuff, felt like they could’ve brought down the worry free guy in a more subtle way

eight grade really enjoyed this, thought it captured the absolutely horrifying nature of teenage angst pretty well

going to watch mid90’s this week, the trailer looks good so hoping it doesn’t turn out to be shit


Strong agree with both of these


was off sick from work yesterday so I watched 2 very long films:

blood in blood out (thanks Shea Serrano) - thought this was a really interesting take on the ‘gangster’ epic, never really see mexican-american stories told like this (that i’m aware of) - on the whole very affecting and tense, some great acting from yer man from Law & Order as well. couldn’t find any subtitles for the spanish bits but found some good bits of slang from googling during the film. someone needs to do a HD re-release of this for sure.

the right stuff - my dad has been telling me to watch this practically my whole life, so i finally did so in the wake of First Man. had no idea it was over 3 hours! really fucking impressive film, so many good performances, i’m a sucker for historical stuff like this anyway but some of the more arty stuff (breaking the atmosphere for example) was beautiful. bought the book today and am half way through this interesting article - good bit about how they inserted people into old footage years before Forrest Gump did it: https://www.wired.com/2014/11/oral-history-of-right-stuff/

the other night I also watched new jack city (thanks again Shea Serrano) - Wesley Snipes was so good in the early 90s eh. young Chris Rock and Ice T both put in solid performances too. as with blood in blood out it was a really interesting, nuanced take on the ‘gangster’ film from a new perspective. very solid.