January 2019 Film DiScussion Thread


stunned by the results of this tbh


Pacific Rim: Uprising also tried to have Charlie Day as a mean character I think, utterly baffling casting


don’t think i’ve written a review of anything on letterboxed

i’m probably using it wrong


Forgot to say, went to the newly refurbished Odeon in Leicester Square for Poppins and it was SO NICE. Insanely comfy and spacious, ushers that actually do their job, insanely loud (seeing an action film there is going to be seizure inducing) and much better laid out. Prices are silly obviously but with the Limitless card its a steal.


I’m really not that fussed by kids but people laughing at the “wrong” bits has never even registered to me before so idc


cool :+1:


What does the wrong bits even mean though? Probably means I’m one of the laughers tbh


Worst people at the cinema are the people who come in after the film has started - you’ve only had 20-30 minutes of ads and trailers before the film to arrive ffs


and then use the torch on their phone to find their seats


especially if it’s allocated seating and they don’t really know where they’re sat and they’re tucked somewhere where a fuckload of people have to get up

and then they’re like “sorry, so sorry, sorry”



kicked some guy’s chair yesterday cos he checked his phone during the film


excuse me i think you’re in my seat
doubt it
well look i’ve got J10
this is K10
are you sure
okay well


One of the stupidest things about West India Quay Cineworld is that the seat numbers are on the arms of the seats as opposed to the seats themselves which means there is an understandable confusion about which seat is which.


I was getting Charlie day confused with Simon day from the fast show and this made me want to watch Pacific rim


The superscreen at the Leicester Square Cineworld doesn’t seem to have row letters anywhere. Which would be OK at a push, except there isn’t a row A (it’s technically the wheelchair spaces right at the front).

Get minor stressed every time I go there in case I have to try and explain this to someone who thinks I’m in their seat.


Very stupid


All of this is making me not want to go to the cinema again for the rest of the year


It always has really good audience engagement in my experience

Went to see Black Panther there and people were cheering along


I will say that with some people, punctuality issues are a mental health issue.


I think the only film Simon Day was ever in was Shakespeare in Love