January 2019 Film DiScussion Thread


Particularly like it when they arrive late armed with loads of food and drink too, glad you found the time to do that!


Sweeney Todd is v good innit


it’s really really good


Detective Monkfish vs kaiju would be ace tbf

Maybe a bit of Dave Angel to hit home the environmental message


The Tim Burton one? I quite like it


Went to see Spiderverse tonight: I think that’s the best comic book film I’ve seen, and one of the most refreshing and visually dazzling films I’ve ever seen.

Even if you’re not a comic book film fan there’s enough in there to entertain you - the great soundtrack or the visuals alone would be shouted about for any other film.


Good Morning - Ozu is someone I defo need to explore more


It’s rare to see a film that hyped and to come away feeling that is been underrated if anything, but that’s exactly how it left me feeling


if they know the cinema well, they might factor in the ads and trailers, though. err, apparently.

went to see first man on a ferry last year and it had started four minutes before the advertised start time. they played the start again at the end of film, after I complained.


totally cannot wait to see spiderverse now


gonna wear my Spiderman t-shirt to this


it’s hard enough being a parent without beardy numpties who think they’re in bands huffing about their enjoyment of a children’s film being interrupted


A 3-year-old came to the cinema in full Spiderman gear to see that film. It made my heart so full.


I was convinced she was Margot Robbie until the credits


:slightly_frowning_face: stop getting Emma Stone wrong!


Chronicle is pretty good eh, like a bleak, budget superhero version of Cloverfield. Not sure that weird kid from Valerian is a very good actor mind, he starts off okay but is well ropey by the end. Should’ve made MBJ the main dude imo.


just seemed like a very un-Emma Stone role, because I’ve only ever seen her in much less arty films.

she was brilliant, though.


That Green Book film eh?


Awards season is much more fun when there’s some panto villain films there for everyone to get mad about. And Green Book seems to be checking every item on the ‘piss people off’ list! Bradley Cooper must be quite happy at the moment actually, between Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody awards/scandal, A Star is Born is now a likeable plucky underdog!


To be fair to A Star Is Born, it’s quite competent and Gaga is wonderful. Not my thing really, but I don’t think it’s bad by any means. Bohemian Rhapsody though… christ.

Haven’t and won’t see Green Book, can’t be doing with that shite in my life.

Is it just me or is screener season a bit subdued this year?