January 2019 Film DiScussion Thread


Oh yeah, A Star is Born isn’t amazing but it’s a million times better than those films. But it could have been seen as the ‘bad guy’ this awards season being a big glossy studio production beating stuff like Roma/The Favourite/Beale Street/BlacKkKlansman etc, and now these other films have come along to take that mantle instead.


This blog post really lays out why it’s bad Bohemian Rhapsody is getting so many noms


It’s kind of funny that the only reason people are getting really mad about Bryan Singer now is because a film he walked out on (and barely did any work on anyway) has become a massive box office smash and won a Golden Globe. If it had been a dud, it would probably have been better for him.

Anyway, fine sentiments in the article but we know nothing is going to happen (not least because there’s never any consistency with who people get mad about) and everyone will be back next year arguing about the latest film with some bad guy involved/latest film that is shit but getting awards anyway. Also, Casey Affleck deserved that Oscar.


I feel you have missed the point of the blog.

That’s not to say you haven’t made reasonable points maybe but neither of those things are what the blog is trying to say.


No Stoker or Moulin Rouge FO, M (Bradshaw)


Saw the Favourite and wasn’t quite as drawn into it as I hoped, but I did enjoy it.


new Dan Gilroy/Jake team up coming to Netflix 1st Feb

(quite a lot of the film seems to be in this trailer so avoid if that kind of thing irks you - it has irked me)


My mum is going to see The Favourite next week with ‘the girls’.

A bunch of mums going to see a Lanthimos film, the world has gone mad.


I often consider asking the OAPs going to see it if they liked Dog Tooth.


i can imagine my mum going to the see it cos she likes Broadchurch and then telling me afterwards ‘it was a bit weird’ (she thought First Man was ‘weird’)


gonna have a running list of films i’ve watched this year and rank them. Saw the new fantastic beasts film the other day for some fucking reason. so terrible.


  1. BlacKkKlansman (5/10)
  2. First Man (5/10)
  3. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2/10)


went on a date there to see la-la land and made up some excuse half way through (think it was I was expecting a really important call for work or something). nipped out for 20 minutes for a few pints and was allowed back in for the end of the film.



think that’s the only film I’ve “walked out of”


That younger brother saying “I love you” before leaving a room killed me every time


Is she a moon truther


Yeah lots of people are seeing it that surprised me. I guess the stars and the period setting and the royal aspect is drawing in a different crowd?


Well I literally never go to the cinema and I went to see it so…

last 5 films I have seen in the cinema =
The favourite (7.5/10)
Paddington 2 (9/10)
Fast and the furious 6 (7/10)
Superman returns ( 0/10)
The pianist (6/10)


there’s definitely some disingenuous marketing with that film though, trying to present as like a straight period piece

can imagine a lot of people who went to see it disliking it


I mean, have you seen the trailer? It’s not presented as straight at all.


that’s probably the wrong word. I guess I mean it’s being advertised as more mainstream than it is?