January 2019 Film DiScussion Thread


It’s pretty mainstream, idk who the director is but I wouldn’t have guessed he’s some sort of avant garde weirdo or whatever


yeah fair enough, maybe I’m talking shite.

hope jooks mum enjoys it.


know what you mean though - suppose it’s like shakespeare in love but actually good? which may or may not mean jook’s mum and the girls enjoy it


Netflix’s trailer policy is a MENACE. Those ones that play in-app for their own films that are 2.5 minutes long particularly.

I don’t understand how a platform with this much choice can’t make multiple trailers and then give you the option of which to view or to extend a shorter one if it piqued your interest?


I now want to see it since I heard all the reviews but TBH when I saw it the description in the cinema listings I was just “Historical royal British drama? FUUUUUUUUUCK OOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!! STOP MAKING THESE SIMPERING FUCKING BULLSHIT FLIX” but it sounds like it’s nothing like that so…


The fact you’ve only seen 3 films at the cinema in the last 13 years is pretty amazing mate.

Are you actually Michael Owen?


Trust me, The Favourite is anything but ‘simpering’.


i watch a few more at home (not many)

I just hate the cinema and Superman Returnsgave me some sort of phobia of it

edit: hate literally anyone else who is in the cinema


Nooooooo I lost my film student free MUBI account


so annoying. wish i could turn that off.


Superman Returns seemed to be a film made purely for people who loved Superman I and II, which is such an odd choice to go with, but I guess they’d spent so so long wringing their hands over how to reboot (and I think maybe fighting a legal battle) they just figured any Superman film would win out. I mean I enjoyed it because I loved those first two Superman films but I can fully understand the hate. :smiley:


Have you checked down the back of the sofa?

It’ll always be in the last place you look.


I also liked Superman Returns. Didn’t love it, but also didn’t get the hate for it. Compared to the current Superman films it was a masterpiece tho…


thought roma was a lot of shite.

there wasn’t a single frame that didn’t look gorgeous tbf, but it just wasn’t for me



Didn’t find any of the family stuff engaging at all? I really liked the sense of place and time most of all I think


no i just thought it was boring


Don’t think it has
Why would mums not see this exactly?


The way some of yous talk about your mums is so patronising sorry


Well we are talking about my mum and her friends specifically here, and none of them would enjoy Dogtooth, I know that for sure. There’s no reason why they wouldn’t see The Favourite- it is on everywhere, it has big names in it, it has a lot of hype. That’s the rub, that all of a sudden Lanthimos would be making a film that appeals to typical mums.

It’s more a comment on how this is an unexpected turn in Lanthimos’ career, not a sly dig at how thick my mum is or something. Anyway I guess it depends on if you think it’s fair to say there’s a ‘typical mum’ mould or not. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that you’d have been surprised 12 months ago if someone told you that a big group of 50-something small-town mum’s are going to Odeon to watch a Yorgos Lanthimos film.


There absolutely isn’t a typical mum mould and it’s sexist to claim there is