January 2019 Film DiScussion Thread


Mad that women like films

Probably don’t know what they’ve got themselves in for with this one. Sex and swearing and lesbian sex is for men between the ages of 23 and 57.


Jerry Maguire was really good, loved his relationship with Ron and Ron and his wife - Regina King was so fucking good in the injury scene. Does just back up my theory that the friends of the main characters are always the best part of rom coms though, the central couple are never as fun or funny.

Very few objectionable parts too which is always impressive for a 20 year old romantic film!


I watched Minority Report tonight and if the films I happen to have seen over the last few years have tought me anything it’s that, regrettably, Tom Cruise is a very, very good actor


Had the exactly same thought myself tonight. Also I’ve managed to watch two TC films and two Renee films already this year, weirdly.


maybe people are just imagining multiple versions of their own mum

my mum would be properly repulsed by it

I can imagine other mums really liking The Favourite though


I think what I found funny about the post is that… I’m not even sure I liked Dogtooth or The Killing of a Sacred Deer, or if they’re actually that good, and I still think maybe he’s a bit pretentious and knowingly arty in a style-over-substance way, and the thought of him breaking in a mainstream way is an odd one.

I think I’m used to watching stuff that other people in my life would think was just… what even is that, incandenza, ffs. even or especially after I really tried to sell the idea of this stuff to them. and Lanthimos is this kind of stuff, so it’s not just [some mums], it’s [anyone who isn’t one of us indie tryhards or whatever].

but The Favourite is genuinely good, so that film in itself being popular is not so weird.


It’s an old sexist thing that should have been dead a long time ago. I’ve done it too on here and been pulled up. It’s not on and we shouldn’t be stereotyping ‘mums’ like that.

I mean on top of everything else, @juke’s mum is in her 50s but my mum is almost 70 so that’s like an entire generation of culture different, and I can think of at least three members of this forum who are mums.


yeah, I even felt silly saying “I can imagine other mums liking it”

I mean, that’s such an obvious thing

I feel like personally I’ve been saying obvious things as if they aren’t obvious a fair bit lately


the trailer for ‘Beautiful Boy’ just played as an ad on Youtube

I mean, it looks awful anyway, but using ‘Svefn-G-Englar’ and ‘Helicon 1’ in the trailer? love those songs, but they are shamelessly widescreen in their emotional heft and it’s so cheaply manipulative to use even one of them.

maybe I’m wrong, maybe this is informed by self-loathing, but that film looks from the trailer like it was made by a sad teenage boy about himself in the most self-indulgent way possible.




:rofl: ya fuckin plum


i love ya pal but we’re going to fight about this


don’t really have an excuse tbh.


wish i still had my SigmundFreud account for all this mum chat


To be fair I think it needs 10/10 ‘perfect film’ after Paddington 2 to qualify for a full DiS here.



I remember I liked the toy aeroplanes?

I don’t think there was nothing of worth in it, and it kind of had a vague spell over me, but I think perhaps the inlay in the DVD negatively coloured it for me.

it made it seem really self-consciously lofty and provocative. it’s like yeah, I get it. society and etcetera, nice one. I was very conscious of it trying to push various buttons, be all transgressive and whatnot.

but then perhaps this is an irrational dislike? I think I want to like it; there was a sort of magnetism to it, a strange sterility that sucked me in. the way the antipathy was conveyed by the direction and photography was almost seductive.

I find Brechtian alienation jars with my anxiety, so I sometimes find it hard to really sink into such films; most times I need something to play to my sense of empathy to properly connect.


it’s such a simple film. a very straightforward concept executed in a completely dedicated and unflinching way. gotta give him props for that, and beyond the intellectualising, i found it just generally enjoyable and empathetic and disturbing and… good.


I’m reading the inlay again and thinking back over it, and in retrospect feeling like there wasn’t such a lack of empathy for the characters as you do sometimes see in this kind of… post-Dogme 95 kind of film?

like, as much as the film’s exploration of sex within that quarantined environment feels like cheap shock-value to some extent, the deliberately arrested development of their children, their perverse innocence, this feels sympathetic. I also don’t remember the parents being depicted in an unsympathetic way.

I think my preferences reflect my personality; I’m pretty earnest, really, and anything with an ironic streak can be excessively discomfiting, which is why Lanthimos is never really gonna be my guy.

think I’ll give it another watch, tho.


fair cop

nooooooo disagree

nooooooo disagree

the whole film is the scene at the dog track

brilliant tho, he’s still never recovered from how good it was


gonna pay close attention to this next time