January 2019 Film DiScussion Thread


I want to go to the cinema with my mum now.


All my friends that saw it at Leeds Film Fest said it was the worst white middle class problems film they had seen.


I take my mum to see all the new Star Wars films.

Also went to see the first IT when it came out :clown_face:


There’s a typical dad too.


Really though, films (and all other products) are sold on these groups. Typical mum, typical dad, typical teen, typical girl aged 6-10. Obviously it’s a generalisation, but there is truth to most stereotypes. Whilst my dad loved Dogtooth, if he took a group of his male friends to watch it they would almost certainly hate it.


He is very good in his best roles. Getting no Oscar nominations for The Last Samurai and Collateral and seeing his co-star in both getting one probably finally broke his Scientology-addled brain. Only Mission Impossible films for him thereafter!


Thought one cut of the dead was nicely put together and the joke was funny, but not sure the payoff was worth the build up. For some reason Japanese films tend to bring the absolute worst cinema goers out, bloke fucking narrating the plot to his partner on the front row, someone else applauding at every joke. Ffs.


I would love to see him going back to doing some non action Dramas like he did in the 80s and 90s


Like I say, those two films were probably the last straw for him. Or maybe it was that Robert Redford film Lions for Lambs a few years later which made about £5 at the box office. It’s a shame, he really should have won the Oscar for Magnolia.


Curiosity about how awful The House That Jack Built potentially is is starting to get to me

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I am almost convinced I will hate it


Tbf I think it has quite a bit of crossover appeal or at least considerably more than his previous films did.


House That Jack Built is stultifyingly boring, nasty for no good purpose and completely incoherent. It’s difficult to sufficiently damn it without it sounding more interesting than it is. It really isn’t interesting at all.


Out of interest, what is the most recent year that you’ve seen ZERO of the Oscar nominees for Best Picture (yes, I am that bored)

1966 here


1985 for me, and didn’t see any from 1984 either.

More recently I’ve only seen Sideways from 2004. Also, Babe got a best picture nom??!


87 for me. actually only heard of one of those films as well, and it’s not the winner.


'92 for me

  1. Would have had 2017 if it wasn’t for watching 3 billboards on a flight.


1958, I think.


Broadcast News and Moonstruck are both well worth a watch, especially the latter - one of the all time great underrated romcoms.

If you haven’t seen it, let me sell you it in 5 words. Nic Cage, Cher, wooden hand


it’s on netflix - added to the list :+1:t3: