January 2019 Film DiScussion Thread


same. what a shiter of a year.

colour purple has been on my watchlist for ages but i never fancy it.


Tell me what you think if you end up watching it, I’ve bullied all my friends into trying it haha.




Heard good things about Kiss of the Spiderwoman and want to watch Amadeus from 84 one day but yeah. Not an inspiring selection


is in 86


How did I just get that wrong. Think my brain has died.


Don’t think I’ve seen any of the 2005 ones.


Downloaded Amadeus the other day but it’s very, very long and I’m concerned I might actually hate it.


4/5 are great - and the other one won




Ant, watch The Crying Game you wally.




1984 for me too.


(Haven’t seen either)


“Easily the strongest American film since Mystic River” is hilarious to me

  1. Saving private Ryan is the only film nominated that year that even exists


The biggest Oscar farce

  • Crash beating Brokeback Mountain
  • Forrest Gump beating Pulp Fiction
  • Dances with Wolves beating Goodfellas
  • Driving Miss Daisy beating Born on the 4th of July, Field of Dreams AND My left foot

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La la land moonlight debacle (at least the good film of the two won)


fairly tepid take: crash (2004, the bad one) wasn’t as bad as everyone says. still bad like, but not Worst Film Ever bad

can’t actually remember anything about it


Just very heavy handed innit. If it hadn’t won the Oscar nobody would mention it as a particularly bad film. But for an Oscar winner it is particularly bad