January 2019 Film DiScussion Thread


Yeah it just sits there staring at me … would only do it over two nights anyway I think. And feel I’d need company while watching too




And whoa as if some of you haven’t seen Amadeus! Great laugh.

  1. Which surprised me too.


Babe should have won that year




what’s everyone’s thoughts on Training Day? saw it for the first time over xmas and thought it was really good

  • Really good!
  • Larry David face
  • Not for me, clive

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can’t think of the film without thinking of this though


Seen 6 films this last week

Ratatouille - still good
Roma - stunning looking but left me a bit empty somehow? Need more time to think on this
The Favourite - v good
Spideyverse - great
Alone on a beach at night- didn’t really get this sorry. Nice relaxing music though so i had a nap in the cinema
The Ballad of Narayama (1983) - wild. Really grim and horrific w some potentially triggering stuff but also so beautiful. Maaaaybe some people would find all the cutaways to nature a bit heavy handed but i love that kind of stuff. Blew me away. gonna watch more Imamura films


Ballad of Narayama was my best film of 1983. Outstanding stuff.


Only seen it the once but remember really enjoying three quarters of it but being a bit [Larry David face] at the last bit.


Last bit doesn’t live up to the rest of the film imo. There’s also one massive plot hole that I’m trying to forget


Watched Roma and obviously it looked very nice and some of the scenes were devastating etc. but it didn’t make me feel much except angry at men and rich people. Which I already was anyway.


Also just saw Roma finally and was pretty blown away. What a gorgeous looking film.


I think a lot of the film was trying to develop a kind of arid feminist solidarity between the mum and Cleo that’s capable of cutting through racialised and classed inequalities. The cadence it ends on kinda implies these tensions have been reconciled but they obviously haven’t.


I’m not sure the ending does imply tensions have been reconciled (but then it is very subjective) - it’s not like Cleo has suddenly been invited to live in the house, at least it doesn’t seem that way and even her saving the kids’ lives has just become a fun story for them to tell their grandmother. But maybe I see it that way as I liked the film so much


but the emphasis is on the mutual love between her and the children - the scene in the car back from the beach when the children tell her they love her and are sleeping together in a heap. her admission that she didn’t really want her baby comes at exactly the time when she’s truly ‘welcomed’ into the family when they all surround her and tell her how much they love her. but she’s not an equal member of the family. she’s just going back to be exploited again. from what I’d read about this film I thought it was going to be uplifting rather than grotesque


Maybe 1987 - seen half of Fatal Attraction - but definitely 1968.


They academy voters were really on the ball in the 70s. Lost it with Kramer vs Kramer beating Apocalypse Now though.


Ha, yeah, though even in the 70s there was stuff like The Sting and Rocky winning over The Exorcist/American Graffiti/Taxi Driver/Network etc. Kramer vs Kramer was the harbinger for the really dull choices that would win through most of the 80s.