January 2019 Film DiScussion Thread


the new batch of Curzon12 films are up and they say ‘this month (with stan and ollie in cinemas) it’s just the two of us, as our theme is great on-screen buddies.’ one of them is dogtooth. it’s not something i’d have thought of as a buddy movie, but whatever works. it’s their one ‘mystery film’- concept is a waste of time I think.
will try to remember asking if my mum saw/ liked dogtooth. she likes a lot of arty films. we went to see and liked the turin horse.


booked tickets for me and @eltham to see sorry to bother you tomorrow at peckhamplex
if anyone else wants to come, you’ll need to get your own tickets. we’re meeting there at 12.45 and I think gonna eat something afterwards.


You been to yadas yet?


I am off a similar time tomorrow too! I hope it’s better than the trailer


I think we’re gonna go for a veggie roast but this looks interesting


its really :ok_hand:


Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse - Fucking loved this. And I really don’t like superhero films. The most brilliantly inventive use of animation I’ve seen in a long time. It was a real reminder that the only limitation of it is imagination and it retrospectively makes the last decade or so of CGI animation feel really samey and boring. Loads of lightning quick sight gags and I loved the way it paid it’s dues to other animation styles. Frankly, I didn’t really care what was happening on screen when I was having so much fun looking at it.

Stan & Ollie - Really liked this as well. Proper explorations of long-standing platonic relationships are hard to come by for some reason and this was a really gentle, sweet one which had plenty of pathos about it. Didn’t really know a huge amount about Laurel and Hardie going in but that didn’t matter at all, loved the recreations of their routines though and the performances were both really accurate. The script was pretty weak and there was quite a bit of clunky exposition but I liked it despite that. Very pleasant.


was tempted to see Stan & Ollie but I know nothing about Laure & Hardy so decided not to, kind of regretting it now as I’ve heard only good things

I watched Moonstruck today. Thought it was really great actually. I loved how the family was fleshed out and had their own little parts, and Nic Cage is great in it


Think it’s probably the “biopic” with the least amount of knowledge or interest in the real life protagonists I’ve seen tbh. It’s just a story about people who have known and worked with each other for years and the particular dynamic of love, shared-history and irritation that that comes with.


I will rave about Moonstruck to anyone that will listen. So much detail in there compared to most films of that ilk and I really bought their relationship. Usually the best part of a romcom is the best friends of the main characters, this is one of the few where the chemistry is strong enough to grab all of my attention.



so fucking glad you liked Spidey Verse ant


Watched Red Sparrow - it really wasn’t what I was expecting and I can imagine a lot of cinema goers being a bit baffled and waiting for the kicking ass and car chases to kick in. It kind of fell between two stools and I’m not sure it knew what kind of film it wanted to be. Very much a 5 out of 10 sort of film.


Just relentlessly, pointlessly miserable.


It could have done with some humour and light/shade.


Plus actors doing ludicrous Eastern European accents!


Last week I watched Ready Player One - expected it to be dreadful, but actually found it went along okay, in a completely unmemorable way. The advantage of low expectations I suppose.

Tonight I watched 120BPM which was right good (I had it in my head that it was a dance music documentary, which obviously I realised quite quickly it wasn’t).


Just watched the first Paddington film and liked it a lot more than I thought I would but its politics were a bit too cuddly for me.



:heart: Moonstruck


Pin Cushion would make an interesting feature with After Lucia. Would have likes to have seen more of the mother’s story but still very raw.

Les Battersby is in it