January 2019 Film DiScussion Thread


the favourite - was surprised by how much i enjoyed this, it was probably a bawhair too long at just over 2 hours but was very funny and engaging for the most part

mid90s - i’m a big fan of skateboarding videos anyway so loved how this was shot, soundtrack is great too, story is nothing new but endearing nonetheless


She’s Gotta Have It is fantastic


Absolutely pumped


Oh my, didn’t even know this was a thing


It’s really unlikeable. You’re expected to sympathise with a drug dealer who has to go to jail. Boo fucking hoo.


And the Bin Laden monologue cringe


:man_facepalming:t3: nice work, Metro


Beautiful Boy doesn’t look that great, but will probably still wind up seeing it as there’s nothing else out this weekend, aside from that Hale County documentary (which will probably be shown in just three UK cinemas or something)


The Hale County doc is next week’s MubiGo film, so it should be on in quite a few places.


Ideal House - hhmm. Quite a nice story in theory. The script is balls but it’s tricky not to adore Paul Rudd in this (and everything). Feel like maybe Coogan was miscast?


Saw The Favourite at the weekend (been so long since I was last at the cinema! First time at The Lighthouse in Dublin which was lovely)

Loved it of course


I watched mustang for the first time yesterday too and thought it was super, but when they were seen on the telly, at the ground was annoying- I don’t tend to like far-fetched stuff in realist movies. similarly when she threw something at the generator to cut the electricity for the telly to turn off- would’ve taken a lot more than than that, surely.


Yeah Moonstruck is great, Cage’s best performance, i saw it again recently on Netflix and it just bloody sparkles.


Oof! Thats a debate


Hmm I suppose, I thought it got away with it though


Moonstruck or Raising Arizona for me.

Tbf though it’s hard to know how they compare to something like Face Off since those are performances on very different levels to say the least



Blood Simple. Made a decision to never ever watch any Coen Brothers again


She’s Gotta Have It is on Netflix right now and I’m meaning to investigate


I was a bit disappointed by Blood Simple

I basically like the Coens (my theory about their wide acclaim is: everyone agrees they’re wildly hit and miss but nobody agrees about which are hits and which are misses) and my expectations about their debut were probably a bit too high for me to really enjoy it on its own terms