January 2019 politics thread


What @Parsefone said but also she is simply struggling at this point because she’s started out convinced she’s right that ‘rigged economy’ is a phrase synonymous with the International Jewish Conspiracy types and now that guy’s reasonable arguments have pushed her into a corner.

Obviously she can’t back down because the point here is to discredit Corbyn and Momentum hence the pure muddle you’re seeing there shown by the next reply and her response to that

I mean by this point she’s just flailing widly…


Owen Jones destroyed Neil and Portillo last night


Neil with the rarely seen “not all far right wingers!” there


‘Also, nobody from the centre/right is calling ME a Tory melt on Twitter, they’re inherently decent’


She’s an idiot. But, alas, a loud one. Ignore.


Genuinely one of the worst things I’ve ever seen

“The Weetman” ffs

Also she’s a local councillor?!? Yet her bio doesn’t mention that anywhere!!! Brilliant. I thought about moving to Tynemouth…


the misogyny is bad but it doesn’t excuse her shit opinions and awful politics


curious how the wasp-run clintonite democratic faction have drilled into their base of supporters not to trust this elderly jewish man because he’s an outside agitator, a parasite leeching off the party, “isn’t a real democrat”, and has a lot of funny ideas about taking away people’s hard earned money.

@marckee this reminds me of when i think jonathan chait tried to say that anyone using the term “neoliberal” was actually talking about jews


what a cynical and hollow shell of a person


It was Stephen Pollard, I think. Falling back on antisemitic tropes to er… accuse others of being antisemitic.


She was a Labour councillor, with an appalling attendance record, who was facing censure by the local party, but quit ahead of that blaming the antisemitism in the party (like other notables such as John Woodcock, Ivan Lewis and Frank Field).

The fact that she’s been wholeheartedly embraced by the anti-Corbyn centre-right tells you all you need to know about how desperate and bereft of actual ideas they are.


ah, okay. iirc there was a thread by…someone (maybe MZC?)…last year where they (it turns out, accurately) predicted the new centrist strategy beat for beat. once the terrorism smears failed to stick, and the soviet spy stuff crashed and burned, it was inevitable they’d start conflating class analysis and critique of capitalist inequality with antisemitism, as it’s all they really have left. i’m sure they’re creaming over the fact that celebs are getting involved and amplifying this idiocy.

i just read UnHerd’s review of an anti-corbyn book and within a few paragraphs the critic had compared JC to trump, orban, and the fucking nazis. it’s unhinged.


Belfast not understanding the yellow jacket thing


Bit of a shite Shaft cover version, that.

(shite autocorrected to white. fair enough. take your pick.)


80% of the people posting Twitter links in these threads need to stop posting 80% of the Twitter links posted in these threads.


But if we don’t counter the bad posts with good ones, how will we win the politics?


Bridgen is a former winner of the Young Executive of the Year UK and Young Director of the Year (Midlands) Medium-sized business awards.

It’s no 2007 & 2012 Tameside Young Businessman of the Year (Trade Division), eh? @bugduv


*actual source of numbers does not seem to be stated


The numbers are from the DWP, given in writing by Sarah Newton (Minister for Disabled People) in answer to a written parliamentary question by Madeleine Moon (Labour MP for Bridgend).