January 2020 Film Thread

1st January
Jojo Rabbit
The Gentlemen

3rd January

10th January
Uncut Gems (cinema)
The Runaways

17th January
Just Mercy
Weathering With You
A Hidden Life
Bad Boys for Life
Midnight Traveler

24th January
The Personal History of David Copperfield
The Turning
The Grudge

31st January
Uncut Gems (Netflix)
The Lighthouse
Queen & Slim
A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood
Richard Jewell
The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
The Rhythm Section
Plus One

Think I might go and see 1917 at the imax

Best December film release

  • Marriage Story
  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
  • The Two Popes
  • Little Women
  • Jumanji: The Next Level
  • So Long, My Son
  • Honey Boy
  • Motherless Brooklyn
  • The Cave
  • 6 Underground
  • The Kingmaker
  • Citizen K
  • Long Days Journey into Night
  • Cats
  • Other (please specify)

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The great festive submarine films extravaganza has been ongoing.

Phantom - absolutely shite, everything about it seemed phoned in.
Hunt for Red October - good fun.
U-571 - honestly wasn’t paying attention.
K-19: The Widowmaker - along with Das Boot, the best title of any submarine film. As a film, it ticks all the boxes, but never really seems to tip over into a truly satisfying submarine film, I don’t know why that is.

Today’s one will be Hunter Killer, starring Gerard Butler. Expecting bad things. Will get onto Das Boot once I can summon the energy, it’s not really a new year’s day film I don’t think.

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i’ve seen this a ridiculous number of times

no idea why

Jojo Rabbit - it’s OK, some funny bits, good acting (except for Rebel Wilson), in no way deserves to win Best Picture so bet the house on it winning Best Picture

Loved little women a huge amount. Great script, great visual storytelling, mostly great performances, especially ronan.

Thought the last 10 minutes or so drifted a bit into mawkishness, and Emma Watson stuck out a bit in a cast that was otherwise so strong, but that’s splitting hairs. 2nd favourite 2019 release for me


eerie, dreamlike Japanese mystery for you


Watched 6 underground the other day. I was actually in Florence when they were filming it. Saw a bit of the filming.
But the film is eh…:thinking:…I’m not even sure how to put it. Let’s just say thank fuck for Ryan Reynolds.

Is motherless brooklyn out then?

Came out 6th December (and disappeared almost immediately it seems)

Definite candidate for the “never existed” thread in 6 months time.

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Surprisingly watchable. Perhaps the key to life is low expectations.

For some reason the Russians sometimes speak to each other in Russian, and at other times in English, and there’s no pattern to it. Also, at the end one of the navy seals claims to be claustrophobic before he goes on a submarine, but I’m not sure you’d get to his level in the military if that was the case.

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oh hell no

think your brains been melted by too much submarines

that film was well shite

didn’t they figure out how to kill them in the end of the first one?

how is this a film?



Watched Meek’s Cutoff, Atlantics and Under the Skin today.
Quite punishing.

Probably watch A Quiet Place 1 later

Definitely do if you can. It’s a bit like Gravity and Dunkirk, probably pointless on any screen smaller than 12 London buses.