January 2020 Film Thread

Seeing Uncut Gems tomorrow night, cannot fucking wait

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I’ve managed to bully my housemates into taking me to see Little Women this weekend, they’d better not flake on me.

I think I alluded to this in the old thread, but ‘Uncut Gems’ reviews have piqued my interest and lead me to realise this weird Adam Sandler ‘critical darling’ thing we got going on right now.

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He has done a load of terrible Netflix films in that time as well though

Rewatched a couple of Larry Clark films to see what I make of them now.

Kids - Like the first half a fair bit. There’s no where near enough plot/style for 90 minutes. The boys are shot in a more leery way than the girls which is sort of interesting though not as intended maybe? But the second half is pretty boring and provocative for the sake of it. It blew me away when I was 13 because it was the first film like that I’d seen, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone now.

Bully - I remember this being better but oh god this was way worse and makes Kids look like a masterpiece. So many needless close up shots of young women’s crotches. The vibe of it is that Larry Clark couldn’t get funding to make a teen sex thing, got a hold of this crime script, and then shoehorned in massive amounts of sex at the expense of the film. It’s unrelenting pervy, tonally all over the place, and abysmally written. Shame because the concept/real story would make for a good film.

watched marriage story yesterday, feel like if they’d cut at least half an hour from the running time it would’ve improved it hugely

What about up periscope

Or how about

Thats what i meant!

Thought Jojo Rabbit was decent. Never quite lives up to its potential, but is worth a watch. Seen some particularly venomous reviews against it, but I don’t think that’s warranted. I wish it was funnier, but it did pack a few gut punches and had Sam Rockwell in it so…

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Got a freebie cinema ticket to use by Friday

  • Jojo rabbit
  • Knives out
  • Neither

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My daughter wants to see this based on the posters and I guess the trailer she saw before Jumanji. Reaaaallly don’t think she would enjoy it. She’s not quite 7.

It’s definitely not for 6 year olds!

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Get her to Little Women.

Yes but then I’d have to watch it and having listened to that This American Life episode about the woman who was held prisoner for years with only that book, I feel like I don’t have the emotional strength to sit through how the story sounded.

What no Crimson Tide?

There is an Up Periscope as well, according to this list it’s the 16th best submarine film ever: https://m.ranker.com/crowdranked-list/best-submarine-movies-of-all-time

Can’t work out if it’s on any streaming services though.

I remember seeing (and enjoying) Down Periscope in the 90s, the Louie Louie scene sticks out as a highlight. Not sure how well it would hold up today. Although I’ve just rewatched this scene, and now I’m confident it’s still great:

Not on any streaming services unfortunately, otherwise I’d be watching it right now.

No idea why there’s so much out on the 17th and the 31st but virtually nothing on the 24th (two crappy horror films and Iannnucci’s David Copperfield adaptation) - even out the schedule better distributors!

Planning on seeing Jojo Rabbit next week yooooouuuuuussseee