January 2020 Politics thread: Losing EU for good?

Well, he did say he’d vote remain over a Labour Brexit, but :man_shrugging:

2016: “ In a shift from Labour’s previous support for the EU, McDonnell said he believed it had been run in the interests of big business.

“While Labour supported remaining in the EU to protect workers’ rights, we cannot hide from the fact that too much of the EU also had aspects of the old model, putting the interests of big business over ordinary people,” he said.

“Labour accepts the referendum result as the voice of the majority and we must embrace the enormous opportunities to reshape our country that Brexit has opened for us.”

He insisted that the party needed to change their attitude about Brexit

“It is time we all were more positive about Brexit,” he said.”

Not trying to ‘win’ here. Just… lexiters aren’t the worst. The far right are, by a stretch and a half

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Jolyon killed that fox so he wouldn’t have to deal with his failure to stop Brexit

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It’s a classic dead fox strategy


The thing that’s going to maybe impact my profession quite severely is almost hilariously inevitable because there’s no way that anyone on our side of the negotiating table will understand the consequences.

(warning: extremely dry patent stuff ahead)

Patent law varies by jurisdiction but it’s almost not an exaggeration to say that you can split it into US-style and the rest of the world. One “feature” of US patent law that they bloody love and nobody else does is a 12 month “grace period” for filing a patent after you’ve disclosed the invention. Everywhere else operates on a strict “first to file” basis where you need to file your patent before you disclose it or you cannot patent it.

I know the US position sounds reasonable but you’ll have to trust me that it results in an absolute fucking nightmare for legal certainty for third parties and the only reason they want it is because their university lobby pushes hard for it because academics are reckless idiots and keep torpedoing their own patent filings by disclosing stuff at conferences before they’ve filed their patent.


It’s now the US default trade negotiating position that intellectual property provisions are front and centre in their strategy. We saw this with China. That includes: if you want this deal, your country has to change your patent law to include a 12 month grace period.

I think our lot will roll over on this. Why is it a problem? Because it’s fundamentally incompatible with the European Patent Convention. The UK is currently one of 38 members of this - it isn’t an EU institution. It’s widely recognised as arguably the best patent system in the world. UK patent attorneys are massive participants in it and the profession in this country is extremely well regarded as being good at operating in this system and is used extensively by e.g. US, Japanese and Chinese tech firms who want to use this brilliant Europe-wide system.

If we accept the US negotiating position on this, the UK will be kicked out of it, and people like me will (as it stands) lose their right to be a professional representative in this system and the profession will more or less collapse.

Nobody read this.


If you think this is unduly cynical: the last three IP ministers have been Jo Johnson, Sam Gyimah, and Chris Skidmore.

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It’s amazing you’ve remained as upbeat as you have.

Most of my colleagues are massive Tories and I can get a Dutch passport and still be a European patent attorney, so the schadenfreude is keeping me going.


Yeah, and by 2019 he’d changed his mind - decided that for all it’s faults the EU was better than the best Brexit he felt that Labour could achieve.

All I’m really saying is that it’s a thin line, but in my mind those who are racist are awful, but those who chose to enable rather than marginalise the racists are if anything more responsible for the mess we’re in and quote frankly the rise of modern fascism.

Not suggesting that everyone on here should share my opinion though - saving that for the Emblem World Cup today.

Hah! Well that does explain it. Glad you have an out but it’s desperately unfair that you have to rely on this sort of thing, because inevitably there will be people who can’t.

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But then if we trust Corbyn he was a lexiter yet still voted remain because he understood what it meant to vote leave in that context

I take your point. But you and I knew that this would enable fascism as a wholly negative concept in 2016. It was just as obvious back then. John Mac apparently didn’t share that view. That he’s changed his mind now is pretty irrelevant to the point.


i know i’m mainly just trying to mention corbs as a lexiter enough to convince @marckee to come back to slap me


Yeah, I get it :+1:

As I say, narrow margins in my mind, so totally respect what you’re saying here.

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and i respect you!



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And I guess as a footnote, if you’re thinking “oh boo hoo, a bunch of overpaid pretend lawyers will have to get off DiS and make an honest living doing something else instead, cry me a fucking river”, well, first of all, fuck you, but second of all, there will be wider economic impacts if the UK is no longer covered by European patents that will make it an even less attractive place for manufacturing industries, high tech industries, and certain consumer goods industries to operate. Not great for employment prospects generally.

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honestly i don’t know who would be thinking that.

i mean we hate you but your job isn’t the reason man, you know that <3


Was 95% kidding.


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