January 2020 Politics thread: Losing EU for good?

That’s a Scorcher. Even for the politics thread.

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Not a green member or voter so others will be better placed to comment, but - although the difference has narrowed considerably since 2015 - think the main difference is that Labour are still fundamentally wedded to perpetual economic growth and the Greens aren’t.

There’s probably other ones but that’s what I always see as the core of it.

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Centrists tend to be middle class or class traitors

If you compare it to the old industrial era of the early 20th century when trade unions educated workers (e.g. my grandad moved from a skilled manual to white collar job through night school paid for by the trade union at the train factory he worked at) and encouraged collectivism (vs individualism), it seems like we are in a really bad place right now.

Forty years of neoliberalism have got us here. Starting with Thatcherism, which encouraged everyone to be selfish and fucked the unions, then Tonty Blair telling everyone they were middle class, through the coalition divide and conquer approach with ‘strivers and skivers’, zero-hour contracts, tech startups being very anti-union etc. We’re heading towards the situation they have in the US where socialism is a dirty word because everyone thinks they’re just a temporarily embarrassed millionaire.

After such a long period of groundwork, it’s pretty easy for the right-wing populists to come along and say ‘you’re fucked because of immigrants’.

An effective grassroots movement that encouraged class consciousness would have given people the political mindset to recognise instantly that Boris Johnson does not represent their interests.


Does anyone know where the non-UK/US politics thread is?

This one, I guess?

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Where can I find more of this delicious, succulent “continuity”


I think what we have in the UK is strong tribal signals to delineate working, middle and upper classes. Clothes, consumption of arts and entertainment, even where we go on holiday are strongly tribal. My impression is that other countries don’t have this to the same degree, even though they have a strong class consciousness (I’m thinking of Germany for example).


Thank you :slight_smile:

I thought RLB was actually referencing that, saying, “even though everyone is assuming I’m continuing Corbyn, I’m not and I have to run a proper campaign, I am not just going to coast in on Momentum, etc.”


i still don’t get this ‘momentum control labour now so we won’t have a choice in who’s the next leader’ thing - my clp really believe this.


Basically Chicken Little-esque terror at Momentum isn’t solely restricted to “Politically homeless” celebrities.

Everything going as expected then.

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yeah, but i’m just not sure exactly how they’re supposed to have a strangle-hold on every single CLP? I guess it’s because I assumed it was a myth peddled by commentators, so was surprised to see long-standing members of the party saying the same thing. Also felt very uncomfortable given my own politics are to the left of momentum!

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Dad, campaigner and boat dweller

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