January 2021 Film discussion thread (old and new film chat welcome)

It’s a new year of film chat! Of course the new release schedule is still up the spout, here’s a few noteworthy films out this month anyway:

7th January - Pieces of a Woman (Netflix)
15th January - Dear Comrades (Curzon Home Cinema)
29th January - Sound of Metal (though not sure if they’re switching to VOD now or delaying the release)

Watching the new live action Mulan finally.

Actually really enjoying it.

Oh yeah, also

15th January - One Night in Miami (Amazon Prime)

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gonna rejoin mubi for the new year
see you all soon


Watched: 22
New to me: 21
Best: 8 1/2
Worst: the prestige

this will be the first year in ages that I’m not away on new year’s day but still not going to the cinema

  • Cinema on NYD is a tradition i usually do
  • Not for me

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Watched 14
New to me 10
Best - Soul
Worst and worst by far - Tenet

Not a tradition but I’ve done it a couple of times. Think I saw little women on nyd last year which was perfect for it

Saw loads of film in December. I forget which I watched.

One that I’d like to forget was The Midnight Sky; worst film of the year.

Perhaps the best was The Four Adventures Of Reinette and Mirabelle.

Recently watched these:

Terms Of Endearment - Good film. Didn’t live up to its rave reviews but it’s certainly good. Shirley Maclaine and Debra Winger are great and Jack Nicholson plays a perfect Nicholson as support. 7.5/10.

The Paramedic - An alleged horror film on Netflix. If it’s on your list remove it. Maybe unsubscribe from Netflix so you don’t watch it by accident. 1/10.

Misbehaviour - A Women’s Liberation movement disrupt the 1970 Miss World contest. A brilliant cast including Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Keira Knightly and Jessie Buckley. The film gives the contestants a voice here too. Reminded me somewhat of Pride in how it was done. The film is 8/10 but then I felt all smiley and happy at the end credits where they do the “where they are now” for some of the cast and so an extra 0.5 for that. 8.5/10.

Umberto D - An elderly poor lonely man is about to be evicted with just his dog for companionship and support from a maid who’s pregnant and has her own problems. Sweet film by Vittorio De Sica. No where near as good as Bicycle Thieves but then few films are. 7.5/10.

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Also, anything good on Mubi at the moment?

There’s a £1/month offer for the first three months. Offer ends on January 15th.

Is it a month by month subscription now? I was with them a few years ago and forked up a year’s money in advance.

Hi everyone and happy new year.

I was wondering what people’s thoughts on Tenet were? I watched it last night and still have very little concept of what that movie was about. A wild film.

I thought it was an enjoyable ride and Washington/Debicki/Pattinson are very good but it makes fuck all sense and is probably Nolan’s weakest film to date (also Branagh’s accent is ludicrous).

I also watched it yesterday… or at least until after the backwards car chase when I gave up. I thought it was atrocious to be honest. I hadn’t a fucking clue what was going on from the first minute onwards. The way all the characters spoke was really jarring for me, it felt like 75% needless exposition, 20% short staccato sentences about absolutely nothing and 5% key information hidden in amongst the rest of the bullshit. I couldn’t warm to any of the characters at all and had no idea what was the big deal about the fake Goya sketch. I’d watched roughly 90 minutes and was still none the wiser. Even the set pieces all seemed like things Nolan has done before.

Watched: 20
New to me: 17
Best: Network
Worst: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Just watched suspiria for the first time. Incredible looking film obviously. Couldn’t believe that and Hausu came out within 4 months of each other, assumed one must have inspired the other to some extent



Watched 43 movies (all new to me)
Best: The Trial of the Chicago 7
Worst: Cats (although Downhill is a shocker too)

Its always been a month by month but I think you can pay in advance

But yeah it has some ace stuff atm. The Long Goodbye, You Only Live Once, The Big Feast, Fantastic Planet, Discreet Charm of the Burgoisie

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The remake is better is my hot take

It’s shit