January 2021 Film discussion thread (old and new film chat welcome)

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Minari - very good

i found it utterly tedious and unlikeable


I love stuff like this


It’s not great, but didn’t mind an hour and half of people hating in the sunshine. Some of it works quite well; growing the intensity of scenes by ramping up the comments on the bottom of online streams, but it was all a bit daft really and trying far too hard to make a point. Main guy was fun though.

This was actually really fun. Terrible obviously, but the good kind. Wooden acting, bizarre storylines, the music is appalling and often totally mismatched to the scenes. Also the most egregious overuse of Dutch angles I’ve seen outside of Battlefield Earth.

One of the worst car chases I’ve ever seen as well, incredibly tepid speeds and they visibly just drive past the same the same buildings over and over again.

Send it to a friend who lives in Galway and she was like “you can see my block of flats in the background!” :smiley:

Five stars (out of a hundred)


Miniari - Hmm didn’t quite get the raves this has been getting, maybe its my heat of stone.

The County - Terrific - didn’t know a film about Icelandic farmers could be so gripping. Would have made my films of 2020 had I seen it in time.

The Whistlers - Fun, twisty Romanian drama on Netflix about a cop who is a mole for the Mafia. Gets quite muddled towards the end but pretty good.

Out of Sight - Somehow never seen it before, really great. 90s Clooney :heart_eyes:

I really need to keep up with whats on Netflix, had The Whistlers on my watch list since it came out and didnt realise it was on there

I didn’t realise either! I got the DVD from Cinema Paradiso and went to Google it to check something and it told me it was on Netflix :smiley: Doesn’t help that the “Newly added” section on the app is useless.

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Yeah I’ve just had a look on desktop and can’t see it mentioned, unless it’s been on for a while!

Stranger Than Fiction :books: Fun and thoughtful dissection of death. It felt like a bit more digestible Charlie Kaufman, which I wouldn’t call a bad thing. Super solid ensemble and the UI isn’t dated at all. 3/5

A Ghost Story :ghost: Felt the Marmiteiness oozing from the screen. Not a fan of Marmite, but a fan of this. So much is done with so little it and beautifully shows how layers of memories are baked into everything and how eternal love and loss can be. I usually find that music is the medium in which depression and grief is dealt with the most / the best, but this does a good job in portraying that process, oddly enough using music at its core. Knocking points off for that interminable speech by that guy at the table - if I was a ghost in that room I would’ve thrown a pie at his face. 4/5

Logan Lucky :four_leaf_clover: Entertaining uber ensemble in a nuts-and-bolts crime caper romp. The soundtrack really helps it zip along. 3.5/5

An Education :violin: Please watch Education (2019) Dir Steve McQueen instead please. 2.5/5

Stir Crazy :rooster: Painfully unfunny overly long improv nonsense. You’d think the raw energy of Pryor and Wilder would be able to drag you through, but oh my goodness this was a serious struggle. 1.5/5

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Leave Will Oldham alone! That is the weakest bit of the film though yeah

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lovely film, one of the better 2000s romcoms imho


I remember watching A Ghost Story thinking “This is going to be shit”.

Thought it was brilliant.

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Yeah really surprised is doesn’t have more of a U shaped score curve on Letterboxd with a sea of only 1 and 5 stars.

All About Nina is really good, very tough watch though.

Guys, Sucker Punch seems like a silly film