January 2021 Film discussion thread (old and new film chat welcome)

I remember watching A Ghost Story thinking “This is going to be shit”.

Thought it was brilliant.

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Yeah really surprised is doesn’t have more of a U shaped score curve on Letterboxd with a sea of only 1 and 5 stars.

All About Nina is really good, very tough watch though.

Guys, Sucker Punch seems like a silly film

American Utopia is amazingly well realised. Takes a very special talent to make something so meticulously thought out seem effortless and warm. Highlighting the musicians made the songs so much more tangible as well. Lovely thing it is!

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last night i watched out of sight which i hadn’t seen in about 20 years, somehow it’s both enjoyable and a bit irritaing.
always good to see dennis farina and george clooney is very swoonsome.

Also Martial arts of Shaolin, an early jet li film. Decent enough and gives you a good taste of what’s to come from the brilliant Jet Li.

See You Yesterday: (Netflix) I enjoyed this a lot. It manages to combine that mid-80s Spielberg family fantasy feel with a hard-hitting plot-driver involving police brutality and racial identity. The final scene did fall between two stools though, of being both over-confident and under-confident.

Some good reggae and ska on the soundtrack too. And it’s only 90 minutes long.


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anyone seen this? we started it last night, thought the younger kid was cool as heck and bummed his brother was mean to him

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One Night in Miami - good and Kingsley Ben-Adir is great as Malcolm X but like Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom it definitely feels like it works better as the stage play it started out as

Dear Comrades is on Curzon Home Cinema from today

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Watched The Texas Chain Saw (2 words) Massacre for the first time - I stumbled across it while scrolling through Shudder, and thought “aye, that’s a Friday night film”. Thought it stood up loads better than other classic slashers of the 70s and 80s. Genuinely weird and unsettling, and not as gory as I’d imagined.


Was lucky enough to catch a cinema screening a few years ago, first time I’d seen it in a while. A lot of the acting is very very bad but would agree with this. It’s hella cheap and grotty and it totally works for it.

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Yeah holds up so well. Saw it on Channel 4 super late night in my early teens and like you say ‘unsettling’ is an understatement.

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Loved this (see December thread).

I know!

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Soz man (or woman). I’m pathetic.

Um. No need to apologise - I was just pointing out that it was your recommendation that made me put it on my list.


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Glad you enjoyed it too.

Whar makes TCM so great is its like of gore, it’s all the suggestion of it . Makes it scarier I think that you don’t see loads

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watched Regeneration last night (4/5) and am absolutely pumped for Day Of Reckoning now.

also pumped for whatever this bollocks is

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all films should be about GM soldiers imo