January 2021 UK Politics Thread - sunlit uplands are here

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I bet the number is quite small relatively round a 100 maybe.

Just found it 30 were vaccinated at one place:


Reading between the lines, it’s a councillor who’s also a GP who’s got a box of vaccines and gone “Fuck the guidelines, I’m doing this”. Total hero.

The government does not consider homeless people to be more vulnerable to Covid, because of course they don’t


FTFY, bunch of scumbag bastards this government



I see we’re just going to do this every single school holiday, then:

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is it overly cynical to assume they’re planning the U-turn in advance cos they know it’s worth it if at least for now they’re turning a big marked dial culture war and looking back at the audience

All I can say is he lasted longer than I thought he would.

Can’t wait for Labour to go back to Ian Murray-style awfulness now they’ve succeeded in tanking yet another leader.

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He personally picks them up out of the water, and gives them a little stroke and a kiss.

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Fish’re happier, more productive


Imagine having the privilege of living in a democracy and casting your vote for Rees Mogg!?

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I expect that if you belong to a generation of boomers for whom being at the centre of the political universe is simply a given, it becomes easy to confuse ‘democracy’ - a system of government where all citizens have equal rights to representation - with ‘majoritarianism’ - a system of government where the most numerous or well-mobilised group has the “right” to do whatever they want to the rest of us. In which case, of course they’re going to vote for whichever anthropomorphic broom handle best enables them to continue exploiting that privilege; at least until (god willing) the dementia spreads to eclipse their basic motor functions.

Edit: dementia isn’t some sort of punishment for voting rightwards. Please reconsider using this kind of thing in future.


Sure, I will consider it, but I think there’s enough of a difference between straightfacedly saying “dementia is a punishment for voting rightwards” and saying, quite obviously hyperbolically, “it’s good when rightwards voters can no longer vote” that I’m not especially concerned about that usage on first instinct.

Oh fuck off


Sorry we couldn’t immediately reach perfect parity of viewpoint on this one

Sorry but it’s just a horrible thing to write.

When my grans dementia really took hold it was just awful. No longer the gran I knew. Very sad.

Wouldn’t wish it on anyone…at all.

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Funny how all those far-right Tories like JRM are so obsessed with “Free Speech” (for their bigoted opinions) but are happy to legally prevent charities from criticising their policies.

“The Sheila McKechnie Foundation said its annual survey of campaigners showed that nearly two-thirds thought politicians were becoming increasingly negative and less tolerant towards charities which actively fight for social justice.”