January 2021 UK Politics Thread - sunlit uplands are here


just laughed out loud at this, cos the alternative was to cry

20 pts ahead eh


That court stuff seems like a total waste of time then. Why didn’t the US just ask the Home Secretary to extradite him?

The court is responsible for deciding if a person meets all the criteria to be extradited. If the judge is satisfied this is the case, and all appeals have been exhausted, they must send the case to the Home Secretary for a decision to be taken on whether to order extradition.

The Home Secretary cannot extradite a person without a decision from the courts.


Ah OK, Assange and his team seem oddly relieved then, maybe they’re unaware of the last few decades of Home Secretaries

You really have to hope this is a bounce from them “saving” Christmas and the impacts of that decision will start to bite soon.

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I guess also Brexit is done now

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I’m sure it’ll be for anti-lockdown reasons, but still: lol

Yo what the actual fuck? Wales losing 10 parliamentary constituencies to make England better represented? Scotland losing two? Get fucked.

Like, properly get fucked.

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hm. I’m kind of in two minds about this, there’s a huge imbalance, even more so when you look at those over the age of 18 (i.e. you include those who have been deliberately disenfranchised, don’t have a permanent address or who aren’t eligible to vote).

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Lovely accidentally left wing comment here. Textbook.


Yeah, you may well be right here, just an instinctual response

By 17:30 GMT on Wednesday, the pay of FTSE 100 chiefs will have overtaken the £31,461 annual median wage for full time workers, the High Pay Centre says.

so half the population earn more than £31.4k is that right?

Half of people who work full-fime earn more than £31.4k.

It excludes part time/non workers (and potentially the self employed).


when I realise things like this, I really should try and get paid more

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There’s an inequality gap in that data though, surely? Any average has to account for the long tail of people who earn substantially less than that, and the grouping who earn substantially more


Full time PAYE workers, do you

  • Earn more than 31k
  • Less than 31k

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No - you’re thinking of the mean income (£37,100) which is affected inequality - the relatively small number of massively high earners skew the figure upwards.

Median is literally just half of people above, half of people below.


Median is the middle number rather than the average isn’t it? So 31.4K is the middle salary of you line up all FTE salaries in a big list


Is it half the people or half the salary values? Apologies, I’ve always had a bit of difficulty getting my head around this. @jarvis, is that what you’re aiming at too? Help an innumerate guy out!

This sort of thing is literally why I work with words rather than numbers

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