January football 2020 - this means more

Happy new year all.

Top of the prem is done and dusted but the relegation battle is threatening to get interesting,

Who’s trousers will fall as mikel takes on ole?
who will join villa and Norwich in relegation?
Who will join west brom and the peoples champs Leeds?
Is the Gazprom back this month?
FA cup?
Transfer window?

All this and more in this month’s edition of ‘football’

Putting £20 on Leeds not to go up at 7/1.

Extremely terrified/excited about what the next five months holds.

Oxford are slight favourites to go up from League 1 now so obviously we’re going to blow it.

By the law of averages Arsenal will win tonight.

I’d be more confident had they had gotten a result against Chelsea.

13 points with a game in hand seems insurmountable doesn’t it? And yet …

Great that football is back though, I’ve really missed it

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Should we start a support thread for the inevitable relegation of everyone’s second team, AFC Bournemouth?
I guess every Roy of the Rovers story has to end some time. Stay strong everyone, please

We’ll be good for 30 minutes then half the players will collapse from exhaustion


West Ham, please


Monday is the big night.

Carlton Cole has sadly retired. Don’t care anymore.

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Today’s viewing


  • Brighton vs Chelsea
  • Burnley vs Villa
  • Neither

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  • Newcastle vs Leicester
  • Southampton vs spurs
  • Watford vs wolves
  • Final score
  • None

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  • City vs Everton
  • Norwich vs Palace
  • West ham vs Bournemouth
  • None

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  • Arsenal vs united
  • No

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Hoddle sounds like he’s hanging

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More football on today? Bit much innit?

Bah gonna miss Villa Burnley cause of the train. The Eric Djemba Djemba derby

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Really not up for going today after the embarrassing twatting we got on Sunday against Salford.

It’s VAR’s world, we just live in it

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Non-zero chance this chancer has this hung up either in the dressing room or his kitchen.


This is fkn bollox and we’re going to get relegated.

Apart from that, I’m feeling fabulous. Happy New Year everybody!

hey @aboynamedgoo, any chance I can tap into your Eredivisie expertise and get any thoughts you might have on Halil Dervisoglu, who’s due to join to join us today from Sparta?

not expecting him to turn up and bang 20 in before the end of the season, but hopeful he’ll be a decent option off the bench.

also Brentford’s wheels were slightly loosened at Millwall, expecting them to fully fall off at Bristol City today as we never seem to beat them and our team seems absolutely knackered right now

Waheyy Wesley

He has this on a tea towel