January Football Thread: Cancel THIS, Covid! (Covid cancels this)

Liverpool buying our 25 year old CB, never tested above Championship level, completely out of the blue. Cool, normal thing to happen.

Is he any good?

weird how all the decent centre forwards in the league are english now: kane, bamford, wilson, DCL, vardy, watkins, ings
do other countries not do them anymore? giroud and cavani i guess but they’re subs
is tonty blair behind this?

Well, Celtic were attempting to sign him before Liverpool swooped

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Top scoring non-English proper centre forward this season is Lacazette, and he’s shit.

Also lacazette has 8 in the league this season? Doesn’t seem right to me

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He’s not up to Liverpool standard I don’t think, but he’ll hold his own in the Premier League.

He’s very composed on the ball, reads the game well, got a decent turn of pace for a CB. Occasionally caught out when the ball is whipped in from wide areas and can be bullied a bit by stronger centre forwards, but I genuinely think he’s a not a terrible option til the end of the season for Liverpool.

He’s better than the other options available to them just now anyway.

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Presumably Southampton are all out of centre backs

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Don’t need the commentary Duncan we can make our own.


Up The Tics!


Mourinho after Brighton beat us with less possession

Obviously this ignores the fact they played really well but still


Transfer deadline day.

Most important signing for us is Vincente Guaita signing a new two year deal.

FAO @Joke2000


Crisps have won more so they’re better tbh


they just need to draw more and lose less imo and they’ll be fine

Well someone is going for the vacant job at [google this bit]

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited