January Football Thread: Cancel THIS, Covid! (Covid cancels this)

the tactics man has got his colleague on the other bench right where he wants him.

Can only apologise to the legions of you that were excited for some prime Bielsaball. Just not been on it at all.

Shite first half, no midfield, no creativity… not sure why Harrison has switched wings. Bamford has been isolated.

Need to improve

Quite fancy a pint of Bovril

Massively missing Phillips building from deep. More often than not Rodrigo just looks lost in midfield.

Bit better so far second half at least. Hopefully Pablo on sooner or later.

They’ve got so many men back defending now though :grimacing:

Yeah we always tend to struggle when the opposition sets up with a back three / has a lead to protect. We don’t look hopeless going forward now at least, and finally a bit of tempo. Probably need Pablo if we’re gonna pick that pass though.

Here’s Roberts… hopefully with a bit of link up play


Problem with Brighton is they always try and walk it in.

Sammy bagging a couple of tidy goals! We’ve played pretty well so far. Hopefully, this little run is a sign of things to come. No coincidence that Sow is fully fit.

amazing how much of a tin-pot dictator david sullivan looks


lol Dortmund are still shite

Please kindly refer to them by their full name: Big Sammich Albion. Thank you.

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Do Liverpool ever fucking play on a Saturday

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Is he wearing the hat?

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Wastemen dropped

These covid style spread out gamedays are probably here to stay :frowning:

Holy shit 3-0 to the good guys

Spurs went cool on Troy Parrot because of allegations he was associating with unsavoury characters in Dublin… so they loaned him to Millwall