January Football Thread: Cancel THIS, Covid! (Covid cancels this)

Been thinking a lot recently about how good Rosicky would be in this team.

I remember he appeared in a tube or something when he signed for Villarreal?


he really is utterly shite

WOOF! What. A. Hit!

Yeah, great strike tbf

Should never have loaned out Tyreece John-Jules. Imagine the difference he could be making here.


Imagine Jay Emmanuel-Thomas in this arsenal side. 30 a season.

Justin Hoyte pinging them in from the wing or wherever he plays


Not sure the concept that “playing different players than some of those who are currently underperforming will improve us somewhat” is quite the comedic bit you lot seem to think it is

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Yeah blow early after all of their time wasting, you cunt.

Crowd are going mental

Can’t believe Arsenal let Hermóðr the War-Spirit go on a free to the mystical mountain halls of Valhalla, could’ve been scoring for fun tonight.


Well, that was certainly a game of football.

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That 0-0 was a good little pointer for the future if the nuno rumours are true

Mystifying how Lucas Piazon isn’t walking into this team.

Think Jamie’s been on hippy crack.

Bad game bad game what you gonna do
What you gonna do when it’s not 3-2

Cat from Red Dwarf’s nephew. Also learned today Alec Guinness’ great-grandson plays for Wimbledon.

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