January Football Thread: Cancel THIS, Covid! (Covid cancels this)

Hated? Adored?
Never, Ignored!


not a wasteman in sight

Kovacic, Mount and Jorginho in midfield is it?

I like my SW6 football teams like I like my sandwiches


Wazza getting the sheep relegated would be quite the chef’s kiss

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doubt we’ll compete agaist the likes of Zango Anguisa, Di Cordova Reed and the Executioner in the middle tbh, might as well just let you have it


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perma rattled we’re not playing the lovely bees.



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I hope you two have a lovely 2-2 draw then kiss

Wait, make it 4-4 cos I might bother to watch the highlights

clear hamball

really annoyed i didn’t call my ff team Cavaleiro Conspiracy


4 out of 4 now for Craig Ballon Dawson.

Getting him for free instead of £30+ million for Tarkowski seems a great bit of business for once.

Giroud should be off for that

I did not know Bobby Reid is Marsha de Cordova’s brother.

Lovely football that by the neutrals

francis is so fired if he fucks this

Don’t understand how you can do something that shit when you play football every day for a job.

disgraceful tackle.