January Football Thread: Cancel THIS, Covid! (Covid cancels this)

me neither, irked that the qualification was based on a gameweek where i only had 7 players cos of covid


:clap: 10/10

Playing Foden after I resignedly took him out of my fantasy team, are you aye

Big Andy!

His first goal since 1987

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relegate Leicester, letting Andy ‘Christmas’ Caroll score past them ffs

“Not my snake tho :wink:

Think I’ve just been sick in my mouth

I hope someone’s compiling a list of great footballer quotes

run 2 u
not my snake tho
big bum Latina

etc. All the hits.


Think ‘spending time with me gf if I’ve got 1’ is low key funnier than the snake line


I liked the “stuff like snakes n that” bit most I think.

Those other things like snakes… like, err, more snakes.

wish it was my forum title thing tbh

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Could go for a tall glass of big bum Latina right now tbh.

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Tropical the island breeze
All of nature wild and free
This is where I long to be
La big bum latina

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Not watched, but looks like Newcastle have reverted to starting games with Callum Wilson up top on his own. Which is not fun to watch…at all…
The combination of Carroll and Wilson looked good when I watched it about once 3 months ago, so do that!

That Chelsea xi looks pretty tasty on paper, hope they get fucking smashed before Giroud gets 2 consolation goals

two teams that have won a lot of trophies in recent years, Chelsea and Man City


Why was that taken from outside the box? Is it a new rule?

they’re the two big beasts of trophy winning, imo

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The Terrible Trophied Teams of the 2010s and 20s