January Football Thread: Cancel THIS, Covid! (Covid cancels this)

And yet Man City are still to win the trophy their fans and manager have long coveted - the milk cup

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Rodri gets caught on the ball a lot doesn’t he

Penalty imo

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clear penalty.

You know it’s a big game when Nevz puts extra emphasis on his Ts

Foden’s haircut is seriously weird

Also game is rubbish

Awful miss from ol’ paintbrush feet

Might actually put this on. Wish me luck with the russian milfs in my area

He’s is great form

Ooh ref is Anthony Taylor. Top chap.


Can’t believe the bald fraud has picked gundogan again. Can’t see past Chelsea tbh

Moson Maunt


Hope they smash the racist barbour jacket cunts

Two lovely goals you have to say

Foden made it. Didn’t catch who toepoked it in, doesn’t matter does it.