January Football Thread: Cups and Spurs Magic

Let’s have some nice, clean fun in 2019, lads.


Everton vs UTI at 3pm :eyes:

I doubt anyone is going to be showing the Chelsea vs. Forest game so I’ll just watch whatever crap I can.

Will be nice to be out the cup before 3pm on Saturday.

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Ok Big Scott “Big Mac” McTominay is back!


Why is there so many 12:30 and 17:30 kos?

Magic of the cup!


It stinks, stinks I tell ye.

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Callum wilson SPOTTED on train to london with agent!1😕
Lovely guy and player. Was amazing in the promotion season from Championship.
Lost a bit of pace since the injuries and not quite the player he was. Don’t really see him as a top prem striker tbh…but hope he does well,even if it’s at Chelsea.
If we get 30ish mill for him and his 2 dodgy knees, that’s pretty good.
Also means King can play his natural position and think is the better player tbh

Tyrone not playing today :face_with_monocle:

That’s very weird as well, seeing as he was on the bench for Watford. We can’t really be letting him go,can we? Would leave us with Cook,Ake,Simpson and Daniels as a makeshift CB…
Think he is really good from what I’ve seen, and still young, just needs a run of games

:clap: Urinary :clap: Tract :clap: Infection :clap:

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The Return of the Mac

The 3 most expensive English strikers ever are Dominic Solanke, Wayne Rooney and Andy Carroll. Weird


Llorente scored a hat trick against some part timers yesterday. Nice for him though because he’s a lovely sexy man.

Son’s touch and assist was pretty lovely for Aurier’s second as well, shame he’s fucking off for the Asian Cup when he’s in such good form

Wholesome content


Oxford at home for the mighty Brentford today. apparently we’re going to play a strong team in a cup match for the first time in ages, which is nice. should do better than the 4-1 loss last time we played at least…

Norwich host Portsmouth, expect quite a changed team to give the starting XI a break after a brutal schedule, and with Portsmouth flying high in league one I smell a CUPSET!

Phil Jones and Darmian isn’t a centre back pairing to inspire confidence

Mate it’s Reading.