January Football Thread: Cups and Spurs Magic


yeah, sorry. only one I could find


it does seem very specific, whatever the fuck it is


Have never said I want him in charge permanently. There’s much to be said for having a club hero in for a few months to lift the mood, but let’s be honest, he’s never beating the likes of Pep, Klopp and Sarri to a title.

That said, if (and it’s a big if, as he’s had zero tests so far) things are still on the up under Solskjaer at the end of the season, I think Poch will be offered the job, and if he turns it down, Solksjaer will be given it, maybe with a new director for him to work under.


Has schmeichsy said he wants to be DoF? What with all his coaching and scouting experience and negotiating prowess.


Bit like Moyes saying he’d take the United job again if it was offered to him. Might want it, but isn’t seriously going to be considered.


Isn’t United recruitment policy based entirely on short term marketing strats, though? You could easily see Woodward stroking his chin whilst watching Solksjaer, then next season you’d got Schmeichel in the boardroom, Keane in the boot room, Forlan with the cones etc.


I can’t remember the exact quote but he essentially said "I’m not qualified for the job but I’ll apply”, which is refreshing


Don’t think Schmeichel as DoF is gonna sell many tractors tbh mate


What if part of his remit was riding them around with Dion Dublin? C’mon mate, think proactively.


It is unfair to suggest that, whilst combating racism is a wider issue in football and should not be used for tribalism, certain clubs have a more certain problem with it.


United are targeting Ipswich fans now? Fair enough, they’re all basically United fans in disguise anyway


Similar catchment areas too


One thing I’ve noticed in the FA cup coverage on the BBC is the style of punditry. I guess it’s because BBC no longer have much football available to report on, less time, less budget than Sky/BT, but they really go for the BIG OPINIONS/EXTREMES.

I guess with BT/Sky (in particular Sky) with Carragher and Neville, they pretty much get a whole hour on MNF to have actual insightful, reasoned discussions (recently Neville talking about Raheem Sterling being a case in point, which was actually measured, tactful and thoughtful).

Goals on Sunday on sky again is another example where they actually have proper reasoned insight (Kamara gets a lot of stick but he’s pretty good on this show), and they have good guests.

Basically with BBC it’s MOTD with pundits bleating for 10mins between games and the bland of football focus, interspersed with the odd cup game. I guess pundits need to stand out more there.

Might be different on Radio 5 Live, not sure.

I watch too much footy.


this shit seems to have really kicked off again big time at Chelsea recently for some reason. whatever the board seems to be doing doesn´t seem to be working anyway.


MotD is just tabloid type stuff isn’t it? I’d actually be glad if they cut out any sort of punditry at all to be honest and maybe made MotD2 a bit longer with added, more insightful punditry.

Don’t recall ever seeing anything close to insightful on BT though, but I tend to avoid most of the studio stuff now on that channel if at all possible because of the bellends it involves. The CL goals show is the best football thing on TV, imo in terms of giving me what I want from start to finish.




It’s the same on BT, they have about 3 mins at HT to analyse the games between 3 of them and the presenter, so they just shout general hot takes at each other as quick as they can before the next ad break


Hudson-Odoi to Bayern doesn’t make much sense to me at all. Surely to replace him with a player of similar quality let alone promise would cost at least £35m.


18 months left on his deal and refusing to sign a new one isn’t it?


…it would cost 35 million to replace a player they never play?