January Football Thread: Cups and Spurs Magic


Not like their other options in his position are getting any younger is it? He’s a talent, don’t think selling him makes much sense.


Wasn’t aware of that. Why isn’t he signing a new one?


Guess he’s seen yer man Jadon tearing it up in a mickey mouse league and fancies a bit of the action


i’d be holding out for 40 million, but that’d be daylight robbery tbf.





Neither does playing Kante as a playmaker or selling de Bruyne and Lukaku, but there’s a Chelsea way of doing things and who can argue with the results?


photoshopped trophy count don’t lie.

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Personally find it astounding that Bournemouth have been goved to the tune of 18 million by Liverpool again, btw. More money than sense.


chelsea and man city winning domestic cups on a human face forever


Do I not trust those onside/offside lines on VAR



Kepa = weird. Why did Chelsea spend so much money on a young boy.


spanish, good looking/is a goalkeeper


Could have had Lee grant for nowt!


kante having it from 40 yards until the end of time


oddly partisan crowd at wembley tonight. haven’t heard spurs so loud in years. bit weird for the carabao


They badly need that narrative trophy.


Sad to watch Jorginho’s face inevitably turn grey and all the joy run out of him the longer he wears a Chelsea shirt. Imagine the fullback Pep could’ve turned him into.