January Football Thread: Cups and Spurs Magic



Two legged tie


Good content.


Not really watched Chelsea this season. Really feel like I’ve been missing out on some seriously static football.

Hazard seems to be the only player that actually moves.


The Everton owner is an underrated Bond villain-alike, imo.


Dunno why Sarri plays Hazard up front, just completely nullifies him. He’s a oddly stubborn man, Giroud scores against us all the time, Hudson Odoi had the beating of Rose, if he’d have brought Giroud on earlier I’m 100% certain he’d have scored the handsome prick.

Kane is about 50000 X better than everyone else



Yeah spurs were there for the taking I felt, there was good service for a lot of the game which giroud may have done something with.

Saw kante in the box a lot which wasn’t right.


Yeah although they had a lot of the ball, they didn’t have us on the turn once and were largely reduced to shooting outside the box or a cross/pull back from out wide. Definitely looked so much more likely to score when hazard could play in the 10 role and run at players.

We massively missed a calm presence in midfield, as much as I like Winks, Dembele would have slowed it down and kept us calm when we needed it.
They’ll probably do us at the bridge, sorry guys
Chelsea winning meaningless trophies on a human face forever.


probably better than garths teams tbf


Goodnight sweet prince :cry:




Pavard to Munich in probably the least surprising signing of all time.

Same price as Lindelof.


primeknit football boots! :laughing:

looking forward to the keepers gloves made out of lettuce leaves.


Is Collin going to inspire us (Ipswich Town) to make the greatest escape in SkyBet Championship history? His strike rate doesn’t, on first inspection, suggest he’s the man to score the goals we need…


Can hardly wait to find out who was the Burton fan all along on here tonight. My money’s on Epimer.


thought we had one at some point but might’ve imagined it
whoever it was I’m glad they’ve managed to escape the football thread vortex


A true fantasy football legend


Mild irks: Players/managers referring to bog standard fixtures as finals. The cup competitions don’t need any more devaluation you pricks. Wolves at home’s just a game you ought to win.