January Football Thread: Cups and Spurs Magic


I used to watch him a lot when he was at Union Berlin and he was great then, a real goalscoring menace. He’s never really had much of a chance at Huddersfield bar being involved in a couple crucial matches when they got promoted.

In summary, he could be a good signing for you, certainly has the potential and will want to prove himself, just depends if he can get his confidence back. Quite funny that you lot are taking our method of hiring young german studs now too :smiley:


I’d imagine there’s quite a lot to be amused about from your perspective right now. He was at Fortuna for a bit too right? Which is nice as we’ve got a fan-based link up with them - i think it’s this weekend their lot are coming over to Portman Road on their annual trip, usually bring 50-100 fans for one game a season during their winter break.


Ha I didn’t know that about Fortuna, guess I won’t be watching them when I go visit the missus (FC Köln and BVB were way higher up the priority list anyway)




should’ve kept my big mouth shut. They’re a GBOL


would have been quite funny if I didn’t know and went to a game and saw Ipswich shit kicking about and was like WTF?!!!1


We signed him as a striker, but he mostly ended up playing right wing. I’m not sure how it ended, but certainly at one point last season he was our top assister, despite being a bit part player.

I think its quite likely that Ipswich now get promoted.


I’m in Berlin for a weekend in a few weeks, is it worth trying to along to a Union Berlin game? They’re at home to FC Köln that weekend.


ooh absolutely, that game should be a cracker given it’s 1st vs 4th (with 6 points between them), but also die Alte-Forsterei (old Forester) is one of my favourite stadiums in the world, great atmosphere, play in a forest, it’s pretty magic.


it’s going to be popular though, at the moment it’s just on sale for members, however they have an official resale channel on viagogo which doesn’t usually get marked up too much, so keep an eye on that:




another one of these games i forgot we were playing til half time

looks a close one


Much funnier when these go full hamburglar. Imagine giving the Burton team talk for the 2nd leg


Reckon I’d have bagged if I was playing up front for city tonight


Need the camera to find a crying child in the away end to cap it, ideally.


Reckon Pep might be able to start two academy products in the second round


What age group from the city academy would be able to hang onto the lead? Under 13s?






Good job they’ve got a second leg to try and turn this around