January Football Thread: Cups and Spurs Magic


We’re in brackets territory.



Yeah I’d imagine with the vitamins they’re already 6 foot brick shithouses


I’d 8(eight)-0 be a Burton fan


Quite upsetting to watch, considering my Leicester were a penalty shoot-out away from being beaten 1-2 at home by Burton tonight :frowning:


All the people in this pic are 8 years old. Guess which one is in Cugat’s Elite Development Programme



this guy


Imagine if Burton win 9-1 in the second leg and go out on away goals.


Never seen a team score 10 I don’t think


That’d be quite the turn of events!


It would certainly raise an eyebrow or two!



I never thought I’d say this, but it would have been better if City had gotten Chelsea on balance.


remember when swansea played bradford in the league cup final, there was a massive cheer when bradford won a corner near the end of the match

anything like that happened?


Burton really should have scored at 1-0


Desparate for a 10th in injury time. Would be great to see the keeper come up for a corner


best league cup ever in my unbiased opinion, also had this ridiculous match


I’d say Man City are on cloud 9.



Not all bad news for the Burton fans - At least the M6 has reopened for the journey home.