January Football Thread: Cups and Spurs Magic


I’d 8+1 be a burton fan right now!


cheer up Jerome


Genuinely annoyed I didn’t think of this one.



This has made a strong start essential for Burton in the second leg.


In a way, their task hasn’t changed.


Even I think that was a bit much


It’s Man City who won’t know how to approach the game.


Tricky scoreline, 9-0


Gabriel Jesus is just a shit Tony Cottee


“But I wanted 10”


Just realised that even though I know plenty of folk who could be considered within their catchment area, I’ve never met a Burton fan.


‘Habe Manchester City heute Abend Tore geschossen?’


‘Ach. Donner und blitzen!’


Imagine dealing with that traffic then losing 9 - 0 on one of the coldest nights of the year and paying (I presume) a massive premium for the privilege compared to other Burton games.


Spain vs. Tahiti?


hahahaha i’d entirely forgotten that this happened in that match


I didn’t see Spain play tahiti


Jesus is a shit Frankie Bunn




Oh no. I had forgotten about that.


500/1 on Burton to win the cup is probably the worst odds I’ve ever seen given for anything