January Football Thread: Cups and Spurs Magic


Ramsey to Juventus seems an interesting one.

An interesting one indeed.


What a result.

But if I was a Burton fan I’d be losing my temperance.




Imagine putting that team out against Burton! sad!

In other news, if Morata is worth £60mil, Wilson must be worth £100mil. Show.us.the.money!


It doesn’t work like that. Morata is not worth any money.


In the wake of yesterday’s game. What’s the biggest win/loss you’ve ever been involved in?

For me it was last season away at Birley (top of the league). We only had 11 and it had been someone’s birthday the night before so we’d been out, but we started really brightly, hit the post. 10 minutes in our centre back and best player went to clear a cross, twanged his back, chested it into our net and had to go off. Ended up losing 11-0 including 2 more own goals and an indirect free kick (given for our keeper shouting leave it to me, with no opponent anywhere near us, at 8-0 down). What a day


i predict that he’ll play 12 games, 10 of them as a sub and score 2 blooters, then go to… Everton?


Gonna be their second highest paid player after Ronaldo. Imagine they’re planning on using him


that’s ridic


beat a team 31-1 once whilst playing U15s

They scored at 12-0 when their striker went to volley a ball, it his shin and spooned in

the keeper scored twice

I did not score (only player not to do so along with the LB, I was RB)


Well, he’s free, so you have to factor that in, but it’ll still cause other players to up their wage demands…

Then again, I guess United pay Sanchez 500k a week to sit on their bench/physio table, so Juventus doing it for 150k won’t be that mad.


Me and a load of mates joined the scouts so we could play summer 11 a side against a load of nerds. Me and Danny Williams scored 8 each in a 16-0 against West Bergholt in our biggest win


wanted to post a photo of that smug guy raising an eyebrow but that’s Danny Wallace


Was part of my primary school’s team. We weren’t bad, but one day we went to play in a big tournie out in Cheshire. Second team we got tied to was from a mega-comprehensive that hadn’t shown up, so in their infinite wisdom the grown-ups decided to let the same school’s Year 7 play us. Think it got to about 8-0 before our goalie started crying and refused to play anymore.


Last season we moved 5 a side leagues so got put in the bottom league of 4. 12 wins from 12 with a +64 goal difference. Got a bit boring really


chatting about football at school reminds me of our lunchtime league. there were two teams, one had almost all the guys who were actually athletic and had skillz, the other team was almost entirely people like me who loved football but were shit - we had more players so it was fairly well balanced overall

we played every day of summer in year 11 and someone kept a tally. on the second to last day we asked what the situation was going in to the final game the following day. turned out that we were 3 points ahead but level on goal difference so if we lost we’d lose the league on goal difference. we won tho :+1:

edit: the team with the good players were nicknamed The Ability, were nicknamed The Swanmore Spastics, they made us change our name to The Swanmore Specials for yearbook which was fair enough really






well my team lost 17-0 when the league we were playing got merged with the one above after other teams folded and we had to play a team with younger, fitter, stronger, better players.

although I didn’t play in that game. when I did play, we only lost 8-0, so…


Playing five-a-side one summer and a team of 17 year olds from the local secondary school signed up for it, probably thinking they were brilliant at football.

First game against them only four of us turned up and we had to borrow one of their players to make up the numbers. His mates slagged him as he came over to us, saying that they’d hammer us. We beat them 15-1 and that lad scored two against his own mates. Rest of our team were all taking cigarette breaks and broke out a bag of cans after the match. Don’t think the schoolkids won a game all season.