January Football Thread: Cups and Spurs Magic


There is a chance that city get thrown out of it for whatever reason, ineligible player or crowd trouble or some nonsense. and then Burton beat whoever in the final. I wouldn’t expect this to happen 1 in every 500 times though


If city get 6 players sent off next week and match is abandoned does that just go down as a 3 or 5nil Burton win? Not enough lads!


crowd trouble

Ooh, that’s a delicious looking cross-field ball if Jordan can latch onto it…


Fucking hell. PSG would have qualified in that champos tie against barca if 5 of their players just called the ref a cunt as soon as the 2nd leg kicked off :joy:


Have many memories of playing at 11 for my home estates team and losing 5/6/7 nil. Think we lost 12-3 once in a friendly.

After a couple of seasons of that I left to join the good team in the area and lost about 1 match in 4 years.


Have always wondered about this rule, supposedly it’s a 3-0 loss for a forfeit.

What happens if a team beats the other by 4-0 and just decides not to show up to the next leg? Say in a Champions League knockout match, like when PSG beat Barca 4-0… Could have just forfeited and progressed to the next round.


Could psg have just not rocked up to that barca 2nd leg and taken a 3-0 loss on the chin?


That’s what ahm saying m9


Ah was just riffing off @Aggpass saying the same thing 20 mins earlier :wink:


Can’t believe PSG are out of le tournoi! Why not just forfeit!


woops :joy:


Why doesn’t Ross, the largest Friend, simply forfeit the second leg


In U14s we (Sheffield Wednesday) Lost 22-0 against a team that was made up of players who had (A) joined from a much better side, and (B) seemed to all have gone through puberty, when we were all tiny - our keeper was the second-shortest player on our team.

At least 2 of their goals came straight from one of our kick-offs, and my older brother was reffing and blew for full time a full 5 minutes early. Think they finished the season with a goal difference of 300ish from 20 games, so we didn’t do so badly. They only beat us 9-1 the next time as well.

Two weeks later we beat the team that was second in our league 8-1, which was nice. I was in goal last-minute cos our usual keeper had dropped out last minute.


Could a side that has beaten their opponents by more than 3 goals, maybe even by as many as 3 times that number, not forfeit the second leg and take the 3-0 loss that would qualify them anyway?

As I’m relatively certain nobody’s tried this out in domestic cup competitions featuring second legs, could a side that could give less of a shit about the competition not try this out, just to see what the FA and their drink sponsor partner would do?

Hypothetically speaking.


Apparently UEFA has some ruling on this:

If a club refuses to play or is responsible for a match not taking place or not being played in full, the Control and Disciplinary Body declares the match forfeited and/or disqualifies the club concerned in combination with the following fines


This is fascinating and heartbreaking…


That and/or is tantalising.


Wouldn’t surprise me if his namesake Phil went the same way


Apparently the fines can go as high as 1m Euros if a team does it before a major final but because it’s UEFA I imagine they just make it up as they go along.


Biggest win was 8-0 against Little Downham, one of only two braces of my career (I got to play midfield, what a day)

Got smacked 22 or 23-1 in the cup once - Fordham I think (they were A league, we were 3rd bottom of the E league)