January Football Thread: Cups and Spurs Magic


Beat a team 13-0 in my youth league. I laughed at something when the 13th went in (can’t remember what) and one of the opposition dads gave me a bollocking (I was 12).


This is a fucking disgrace.


worst was probably an 8-1 loss away to Aldershot when I was about 12. Our keeper (who went on to become a professional) got subbed off at half time having let in 8 - I went in net and didn’t let in a single goal. Pretty sure this was because the other team had been told to lay off us at half time, but still.


Got pumped 18-0 in a school game against a team that had six or seven guys that were in Dundee United’s youth setup. They were taking the piss, frankly. Scored a few Beckham to Scholes style volleys from corners. Should have been more.


trying to work in a bit of Neville Southall, here

well done, you scored 13


well done, he’s 12

hmm. I’ll go with the former.


Don’t think I’ve ever lost more than about 10-1. Had a season where we got promoted and then lost a couple of our best players and got battered every week.

Biggest victory was like 23-0 or something, I didn’t score lol (centre back tbf)
The team then signed a load of players and were like we’re going to smash you next time and we beat them about 12-0 later that season.




… guess it was the board after all


Aren’t their hands tied by FFP due to their massive wage bill? Obviously bad management in the first place, but not sure that the notion that they can’t buy players is news


My youth team were terrible. I was a right back, but my highlight was a game away to Chipstead which was a proper ground with changing rooms so it seemed a big deal. For this game I was a sub, we were 7-0 down, I was sent on, but as a striker. This wasn’t communicated with the captain (managers son) who kept telling me to get back while the manager told me to get forward, so I knackered myself out.

Ended up staying up front and scored two (our only goals of the game). I think we lost 2-11. Tore my knee ligaments s few weeks later and never got back into it.

What might have been. If I’d ended up a striker.


I think Juan Mata’s first touch might be my favourite thing in football


Won 21 0 in an under 10s game. From under 9 to under 15 We were the 2nd / 3rd best team in our league, behind a side who’s club had been done a few times for fielding over age ringers in there U teams and a side who had a chunk of Leeds as their catchment area and who had parents out scouting other local teams for players.

I lost interest at U15 as none of us were ever going to be pros but the coach who took us over and several of the player’s parents didn’t seem to realise this and we’re starting to take it way too seriously.


Not just corners of dis that don’t want pool to win it




Not that kinda club pt.40692


Shame they didn’t get caught doing it to Stoke. Spy spy spy Bielsa scans quite nicely.


Love this as ammunition. Can’t tell if it ranks above or below keeping a spreadsheet of Foden’s minutes.




We wasted him so badly



Fantasy Football keeps the stats