January Football Thread: Cups and Spurs Magic



forgot about this :heart_eyes: annoyingly I was indoors at OT when this happened and only saw it on the TV coverage.


Double points for doing it with his studs


Can’t talk about best first touches in the game without mentioning this lad…


If I don’t manage to get tickets for this, I’m looking at Hertha vs Wolfsburg on the Saturday afternoon. Are Hertha alright (as in, they’re not pure baddies or anything are they)?


They play fantastic attacking football.

They have great players.

They have a wonderfully charismatic and entertaining manager.

But the thought of Liverpool winning the league for the first time since 1990 appears to have caused a significant divide - at least on social media and radio phone-ins.

This is exactly the kind of shit from the media that makes even most complete neutrals want them to fail.


ruffers´ veil slipping here

Nick Dare, Newport County fan: My rant could go on forever but I can’t be bothered even talking about them. I’d rather Cardiff won it and that hurts to think about, let alone write down.


2 out of 3 of those are fair though… right…?

Or just the fact the piece exists?


Ah! You’re going the one weekend a year they are both playing, a mate came over for that last year and both ended 0-0 :joy:

Hertha are fine, they’re pretty bland really (TW: they have a lot of similar bear imagery to Rangers) so the atmosphere isn’t as good as Union BUT it’s worth it for the Olympiastadion which is an amazing building. Is thoroughly recommend trying to get to both if you can!



nah, that’s easier. half points.


Cheers, will get Hertha tickets for now and keep an eye on the Union resale tickets.


what about Tennis Berlin?


They don’t seem to have a fixture that weekend (31st Jan to 3rd Feb)


looks like you’ve just about missed the choice fixture against SV Tasmania Berlin :frowning:


This is it, intit. In terms of neutral sentiment the media poison the well for Liverpool by gushing about them relentlessly and more or less informing the public that they should be rooting for them. That’s fair enough if it’s someone like Leicester, but Liverpool are a large, successful football with a vociferous fanbase who have spent pots of money on their team (asset stripping clubs like Southampton as they have). Nobody likes being told they love a squid.

Add to that the widespread United fanbase, and the fact all most fans want from other clubs is pure schadenfreude, I think the sentiment of the country pulling for Klopp’s Kiddiwinks is as wildly overstated as the last time we were told about it.






Not French or Spanish :confused: :laughing:


poor lad