January Football Thread: Cups and Spurs Magic


I know, having to spend all those years at Chelsea, terrible stuff. Still, that’s behind him now.






Bielsa just confirmed our team for tonight


Full marks to Bielsa for his honesty on SPYGATE tbh


Clear fucking penner that :upside_down_face:


Preferred it if he’d gone full fake news. Insist he’d never seen the spy in his life. Implied the Russians (Lampard’s mates) were behind it. Sound out Le Carre for a novelisation in a year’s time.


Don’t really get the furore about spygate tbh. Sure clubs send people to watch training all the time, if possible. Is really easy at bmouth as so open where they train. People should just focus on how awful Leeds are in every other respect tbh



Don’t mind Leeds at all and hope they get promoted.


Were absolutely bloody class.


What’s spygate?


Any trees fans shed some light on why Karanka’s left? Thought they were looking very good under him.



I dunno gate, what’s spy with you?

(Christ, I hope I don’t post this)


That’d be an incredible signing, I thought their keeper (Salter-Clarke?) was doing well though?


He’s 13… so we’ve been rumoured with a few… last I heard was a Newcastle spare… this is the first I’ve heard though. Be great IF it happens :confused:

And peacock-Farrell :laughing:


Well done he’s thirtee…