January Football Thread: Cups and Spurs Magic


Not a forest fan but I know one. ‘Mutual consent’ - due to increasingly high interference from higher ups/less control for Karanka


the bonnet?


With the engine running.


It’s a nice idea, but this proves that the bigger teams will always find their way around the LTGSITBOYCUATG regulations


Nathan Jones picked up his award for manager of the month (with Luton) in full Stoke Kit.



nice to see the beast of boggo road get some respect at last though


Just remembered the throw at two minutes in for some reason.




Posting this in here too because I cannot fucking believe it


Bill Bielsachik


Are you a Luton supporter??


Chelsea. But live very close to Luton’s ground and have lots of Luton mates. They’ve a lot of time for Jones, but think this was a needy dick move.


hopefully the old manager of the month curse works across divisions, as we’re at home to Stoke today :+1:


come to realise the absolute best thing in football is winning whilst the most boring people lose their wigs.

Imagine if Leeds and Liverpool won the top two leagues.


Counterpoint: It would be funnier if they both pissed it away, actually.



He probably had to return the Luton kit to the office manager on his last day. They’re gonna give it to one of the youth players


For most people the best thing is your team winning things, not the effect it would have on opposing fans


Tough away game for Arsenal today. Torreira benched for defensively switched on Guendouzi, obviously. Iwobi starts, no Ozil at all who has trained all week…

Should be entertaining for the neutral.


Some huge narrative points on offer here with Nasri starting