January Football Thread: Cups and Spurs Magic


Was reading earlier about that Colombian defender who got shot dead for scoring an own goal


An own goal for all of South America.




Good game sofa


The espn 30 for 30 on it is really good. The 2 escobars. Used to be on Netflix, may still be


Really like Aaron Cresswell. Underrated.


Felipe Anderson and Nathan Redmond have very similar faces


Beginning to think Emery is the most boring manager in the Premier League atm.




As a person or as a manager? Because steady Eddie the prefect has got the former sewn up


Still think Sarri would at least find a way to fit the most creative player in the premier league into his first XI

Or indeed on the subs bench


Hazard starts most weeks, aye


Most exciting player not even in the squad again. I’d much rather have Ozil in the team and maybe be shit than not have him in and definitely be shit because Iwobi is in his place.


No money to spend so we’ll haggle over a loan for Barca’s version of Iwobi (who looks an absolute nothing player) to play instead of our £350,000 a week World Cup winning playmaker who can sit beside our best goalscoring midfielder on the bench if he’s lucky, who as it happens is good enough for Juventus but not Arsenal.


The problem with that arsenal player just then was that he tried to walk it in


Arsenal could really do with a Nasri type player


The only interesting thing about any of the current crop of London-based Prem managers is that Poch managed to fool the press into thinking he couldn’t speak English for a year. Miss Mourinho.


At least jokanovic was terrifying. Kind uncle claudio is just a bit boring when he’s not winning the league. Warhammer Roy is decent


Ah right, was just wondering cos the manager of my mob, Motherwell, is tipped to be the next Luton manager. If it happens then the free flowing, attacking footie that Luton play will soon be a thing of the past. He favours a more agricultural style of play and player.


I just really like Roy Hodgson. The Liverpool thing was great too. What a man.