January Football Thread: Cups and Spurs Magic


If Wolves do fashion an equalizer here - and they’ve still got all of their danger men out there - that’ll be game over. This City side have no idea how to get beyond a ten man wall.


You’d think, 1 up against 10 men, who are set up to break, Pep would actually have a think about not leaving ourselves short at the back.

I do love us pissing away chances at 1 nil up.


I mean it’s all good and fun but this is nearly as tedious as the Potter stuff, fellas


big chance for wolves to score on the break here…


Foden not making the bench I see


Productive, though.


should cut his toes off for those stuttering run ups


“He was never going to miss. Great penalty.”

He might have missed. People miss sometimes.


Commentator just committing to a deterministic philosophical view, innit


Lot of very angry Liverpool fans watching this game. You’ll still be comfortably ahead regardless of what happens lads, calm down.


Don’t get how that Boly one was a red and Pogba’s wasn’t yesterday


Why do you think?


If only your manager wasn’t such a genius.


Mike Dean


aye, Man Utd bias. if it was a player stamping on Pogba it would’ve been a red.


Apparently never a penalty (cough, Salah, cough), never a yellow card let alone a red (despite Kompany definitely needing to go off) and we’re boring to watch.

Oh, yes and blue seats too…




how can such a good player cock up like that :smiley:


Very much like David Silva, you watch some of the stuff he’s capable of doing, then you have to marvel at his ability to stuff it up in front of goal.


He is human after all!