January Politics thread: December Politics part 2: The 2023ening

IDK what’s up with politics these days, presumably it’s all good now?

Riiiiiight, guys?

Whatever happened to that Rishi Sunak guy?

Headline in the guardian about Sunak saying the NHS isn’t in crisis but it was his spokesperson who said that so I think he’s busy inviting London’s homeless population to a seminar on finance.



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Think he works at Spoons

Ahead of his time

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Do maths. Be FINANCE!


as always with the Tories of the past few years in particular, it also makes me wonder what geniuses are advising them. like given all of the crashingly urgent issues he should be at least pretending to tackle - and given surely he’s being told that the “perception” is that he’s done nowt except his shift in the homeless shelter - how is it that this is the policy he comes out with now? although I can’t imagine they’re very receptive to advice that isn’t “my advice is that you’re brilliant”.

they are just bad at politics as well as being bad people aren’t they.

reminds me of this:


Oh god he’s going to mention that in his speech and he’s going to think it’s hilarious

As someone who made a doomed attempt at A-level maths, absolutely fuck that.

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Mad that when you’re PM you can make your hobbies a policy.

Get corbs in and we can make gardening compulsory


Rather relies on there being enough resource in the schools, that the maths students are taught in advanceof their gcse years is done by actual maths teachers, who have stayed in their jobs, cause their jobs are actually tenable…

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Maths is compulsory in Ireland and as we all know the Leaving Cert isn’t an engine of misery at all Sunak is so s.m.r.t.


How can he make it compulsory when all further and higher education is non compulsory

Like if they made me do maths lessons in 6th form…I just wouldn’t go and I’d concentrate on my other stuff

Can’t believe they’ve got me thinking about this instead of stuff like the disabled boys family who can’t afford to heat his house, leading to his nursing care being removed


I studied Maths beyond degree level and I think that this is a shocking idea.

Imagine wanting to mould the world in your image, and not realising that what makes it so good is all the people who AREN’T like you? I mean, have a policy which ensures a basic level of numeracy, building incentives rather than penalties for those who need support. And if people DO want to continue their maths studies, support that too. But forcing everyone to study it for many extra years? Nah.


so even kids that get like an A at GCSE maths, but have zero interest in taking it any further, STILL have to go on to study it at A level? Or even those that barely scrape a C or whatever and are not maths orientated do as well? What an absolutely bizarre thing to enforce lol

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If its the ‘statistics’ bit of a level maths, then I can maybe see it - that is the kind of stuff that could be useful in day to day life. But the ‘maths’ part of maths is pointless to anyone who doesn’t want to get a job at the nerd factory.

I actually liked maths once I got the hang of it but the compulsory part boils my piss.

Also think Irish being compulsory in schools here did more damage than good for the longevity of the language.

“The UK remains one of the only countries in the world that does not require children to study some form of maths up to the age of 18.”

is this true?

Given that in very few countries is the school leaving age 18, I’m going to guess that it’s not true…