January Politics thread: December Politics part 2: The 2023ening

I am enjoying Zahawi thinking “why do I have to resign, whenever one of my colleagues fucks up they don’t resign, they just ignore it and it goes away. I’ll just do that.”

But he is too dense to realise he’s actually managed to cross the (very difficult to cross) boundary of what is acceptable nowadays

And no one can sack him seemingly

Keep it up mate, it’s doing wonders for you and everyone around you.


really liked the guy from HMRC pointing out that people don’t get fined for innocent mistakes

no idea what Sunak thinks he gains by keeping him around


It’s a question of timing imho. 15 months ago this wouldn’t have been a story, because the press would have shut it down, and a group of his fellow MPs wouldn’t have been briefing it to journalists.

It’s some kind of justice, sure, but he’s not wrong to be hacked off that he would have gotten away with it in September 2021, say.


Seen it said that he’s just trying to keep Zahawi on until Raab’s sacking day, so he can do both at once and pretend it’s a reshuffle.

Counterpoint: a less dense politician would have clocked things had changed in the intervening 15 months.

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Think the current split in the Tory party can be summarised as people who loved it when they got to say and do anything at all, and why does that have to end again? And those who have been tasked with restoring enough legitimacy that the whole political/financial system doesn’t completely collapse.

The problem is that the former group are the ones with the mandate from both the membership and the last election, and everything Sunak and his allies do is an attempt to elude that fact. Zahawi’s really just out there saying ‘c’mon, this is what they wanted!’


They’ve lost Rod Stewart.


The final straw was when his model train layout stopped running.


not suggesting you shouldn’t have posted this but just so people are aware… Carol is in the Joanna Cherry/ gender critical/TERFy part of the SNP

she’s opposed to gender recognition reform and has claimed the GRR bill is about protecting “the desires of male sex offenders”


Turned the TV on and saw this.

  1. Wait for inflation to inevitably decrease a bit and get the big inflation scissors out if need be.
  2. Fingers crossed there’s no recession.
  3. More austerity, cos that’s definitely not been the main reason we’re in this hole.
  4. I fucking love the ruddy gruddy NHS privatisation.
  5. Yes, yes, don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of racism to go round for all those that want it.
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misread that as ‘Have Inflation’



Yeah, 1) is such weak piss. Prices have got high, and they’re gonna stay high forever now, and you can’t afford to live anymore, but hopefully the rate at which those high prices get higher might slow down :woman_shrugging: PS you will be even less able to live than now btw k tnx.

  1. Grow the economy - negative growth is still ‘growth’ right?
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Very Ed Stone this

Just ridiculous that even if you thought refugees coming to the UK in boats was a problem that you’d think it was the 5th biggest problem in the UK


Could be worse.

Could be ‘Gove Inflation’.

Let alone an issue the chancellor should be concerning themselves with.


Big fan of the idea that simply saying ‘We want this stuff to happen’ is on some level a policy framework. I want loads of stuff to happen, but that doesn’t constitute a framework if it’s not actually possible! Just government by saying shit, plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose


Frost/Nixon has nothing on Dorries/Johnson


Good that two points don’t really have anything to do with the economy, and another one is “grow the economy”.